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Provided he never watched any film of Akki before.

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In short there can be two views:

1) He is versatile - doing different genre/movies - one is serious drama/thriller and other is comedy....and performed both roles with effortless ease and as per the script demand....

2) He is good but wasted his talent in HF2 : by doing over the top comedy /slapstick/wacky filmy humour and may compare him with Adam Sandler.....

And for me - I will always go with Option 1- bcos its not just 2 films which decides what kind of actor u r (you can make ur opinion with 1 film also) but watching Akki in so many films/so many years- you know it that what versatility means

Chahe Wo Action Ho

enter image description here

Chahe Wo Thriller Ho

enter image description here

Chahe Wo Comedy Ho

enter image description here

Chahe Wo Social Drama Ho

enter image description here

Chahe Wo erotic romance Ho

enter image description here

He is All-Rounder Khiladi # 1

enter image description here

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Akshaykumar is complete actor . He is all rounder . Be it Action or comedy he is the king of that . Its very enjoyable as a fan to see him in different kind of films . Most versatility actor we having today at present .

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akshay is the most versatile actor among all superstars of todays generation.

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