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Hum Saath Saath Hain was dubbed to Telugu as PREMANURAGAM


Total Nett Gross : Rs. 39,17,50,000
Budget : Rs. 17,00,00,000
Screens : 350
Distributor Share : Rs. 24,59,00,000
Total Gross : Rs. 66,40,00,000
All Time Rank : 12
Footfalls : 2,85,18,000
Adjusted Nett Gross : Rs. 2,51,32,91,340


  1. First film to release in 350 screens, surpassing Hindustan Ki Kasam's 335 screens. This record later went to Salman Khan's another film Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega which released in 375 screens but soon was taken over by Hrithik Roshan starrer Mission Kashmir which became the first film to release in 400 screens.
  2. First film to earn Rs. 3,79,00,000 (Rs. 3.79cr) nett in first week from Mumbai alone. Previous highest first week earner from Mumbai circuit belonged to Salman Khan's another film Biwi No.1 which did Rs. 2,31,00,000 (Rs. 2.31cr) nett.
  3. Hum Saath-Saath Hain starred Mohnish Bahl in the role of the eldest son. His character has a physical disability in the film. Apparently, this role was planned for two prolific actors of the 90s. According to IMDb, Anil Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor were the first choices for the character of Vivek who marries Tabu's character in the film. However, the role went to Mohnish. The actor played his role with great conviction and was also nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award at the 45th Filmfare awards. 
  4. Hum Saath-Saath Hain released in November 1999, but it would have released earlier. According to a report on, the composer of the film, Raamlakshman, was not convinced that he could do justice to the film, and writer-director Sooraj Barjatya had to put in lot of effort to persuade the musician to work on the film. The report also stated that Raamlakshman had to compose almost 27 tunes from which seven were finally used. Most of the tracks became hit. 
  5. Hum Saath Saath Hain's Russian title Нас не разлучить
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Sooraj has given excellent movies like Maine Pyar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Don't take this the wrong way but Hum Saath Saath Hain was a boring movie especially the first half which was too slow with no story. It only gets better when one of the family members brain washes Reema Lagoo hence why they all had a fallout which was handled pretty well despite it being clichéd.

Another problem was that it had a big cast hence why Salman Khan was misused. He acted well on screen but he hardly did anything in the first half as he just stood there with a smile on his face and only had a few dialogues. He does manage to make up for it when he confronts Reema Lagoo as the family had a fallout. His character didn't have a lot of importance compared to Alok, Reema & Mohnish.

Like I said Salman acts well but he was misused which wasn't fair. Mohnish Behl was very good and suits his role. Saif Ali Khan excelled and provides some comedy. Tabu was good. Karisma Kapoor is such a rubbish actress who is annoying in this film with a mindless role. Sonali Bendre is very pretty and suits her role where she portrays the character of a shy innocent girl. Alok Nath and Reema Lagoo were excellent. Neelam was wasted in a unnecessary role and she had no reason to be cast in this film.

Sooraj makes you care for some of the characters mainly Alok Nath, Reema Lagoo and Monish Behl hence the significances of the family. It did have good family values but like I said it was slow and boring with a bad screen play.

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What a day to mark the anniversay. Yesterday itself watched the movie on my computer. Want to review it as its still fresh in my mind.

Sooraj R Barjothia Realeasd the Movie Hum Saah Saath Hai in the year 1999 with the production of Rajshree Production. This Movie is a Family Movie. In one Movie we can watch many hero hand heroiens at the same time movie related to the Joint Family which is very important for our culture.
Movie like this give the inspiration to the next generation and its generate thelove between brother and sisters. This Movie frequently having a Telcast On Zee T.V and Zee cinema and I always like to watch this movie.Song Quality of this Movie is very good and I like all the songs of the Movie.

MOHNISH BAHL and TABU looked just FABULOUS. they played a more mature role as husband and wife.i felt that they were the BEST. I felt they were romantic in their own way.that kinda showed in the song mari hiwada main.TABU was AXCEPTIONAL and her more conservative role suited the plot.mohnish bahl was a treat to all those who hated him for being negative.he shows versatility in this movie.
SALMAN KHAN was a disappointment because he was too Quiet and was just and was just quiet, i mean thats what i felt. Maybe his character demanded that but still i expected more as he was the popular star among the cast..SONALI was charming as usual.
SAIF and KARISHMA were basically a humorous part.they showed lots of chemistry though. They were like Hrithik and Kareena of K3G.
Suraj Barjatya has made the movie such that every portion of the movie fits into the main story line without any hiccups. The movie is visually rich, the music is fine. Also this is a clean movie without any sex,violence & if you are a fan of good family entertainers this is a must see.Excellent performance from all the actors and other technicians. Its better film than HAHK i feel for Sooraj's films.
I disagree with those who say that this movie was a waste of time and all that. Seeing lots of posts in the forum about PRDP that old theme movie nahi chalegi and all. Comeon, what if families loved it ? And if finds it little bit entertaining enough to give it atleast one chance ? It will be enough for a big total. Anyways HSSH was the best Family movie after K3G ever made atleast for me.
Now waiting for audience response for PRDP.
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Better film than Hum Aapke Hain Kaun? Are you series? Hum Aapke Hain Kaun had much better drama with superb comedy. Hum Saath Saath Hain had good family values but it was a boring film with a terrible screen play and big cast on top. The first half was just a complete waste while the other half where the family have a fallout was good. I guess these type of movies are you're favourite. Btw, this movie is just as worst as K3G. Baghban is the best family drama in Bollywood.

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