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Sneak peek into Shah Rukh, Kajol's 'Dilwale' love songs
‎It's nearly a month-long wait for the highly anticipated music album release of Shah Rukh Khan's and Kajol's 'Dilwale'.

And quiz music director Pritam, and he will tell you the pressure of composing an album for such an iconic pair on Bollywood celluloid was not an easy task.

"Both Shah Rukh and Rohit Shetty [film director] were extremely involved in the creative process and the final song selection," Pritam revealed during a special pre-listen to three of the seven tracks on the album.

He continued: "When Rohit approached to compose the album for 'Dilwale' last year, I remember it was Shah Rukh's birthday that day.

"I was excited, yes; but when I heard Kajol was signed on as the cast, that's when I felt the pressure, to live up to the legacy of that romance that has symbolised their love story on screen for 20 years."

So what can audiences expect from the album?

The first track is 'Gerwa', which has already taken up news headlines in India, for being the first Bollywood ‎song to be filmed amidst the glaciers of Iceland.

While one would expect a haunting melody for such a premise, akin to perhaps, 'Sooraj Hua Madham' from 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham', then one couldn't be more wrong.

Pritam stated: "The song has an old nostalgia to it, where the melody retains the key flavour of Shah Rukh-Kajol love song; in this case, one that's picturised in Iceland."

True to his words, a listen to the song itself and it is reminiscent of the title track of 'Kuch Kuch Hot‎a Hai', heavy on the old-school rhythm and percussion, which is expected to rely on the on-screen chemistry of the lead pair to top the charts.

Incidentally, Gerwa means colour me saffron‎, which Pritam states is sung by Arijit Singh and Antra Mitra.

'Manma Emotion Jaage' was the second song on the album that has been picturised on 'Dilwale's' second lead pair, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon.

This one is sure to become a club anthem, mixing hip hop beats with‎ inane lyrics that audiences appear to love these days; here its, 'My desi dimple sayiaan... naach ta ta thaiyaa'.

Said Pritam: "When lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya first cited those lines to me in a deadpan voice, I burst out laughing. But when we added the beats, we knew we had a hit song on our hands."

One can almost visualise Varun pulling off an 'ABCD 2' freestyle for a Rohit Shetty potboiler.

The third song of the soundtrack was described by Pritam as the theme of 'Dilwale', titled 'Janam Janam'.

Violins in the background, powerful vocals by Arijit again, and a haunting melody that takes you to the days of 'Mohabbatein', and you have another hitmaker on hand.

Pritam added: "This song is theme of Shah Rukh's and Kajol's love story, so it's all about passion and a promise of eternity."

When quizzed about the other four tracks on the album, Pritam stated he wasn't allowed to speak about them as yet.

The trailer of 'Dilwale' is scheduled to release on November 9, while the first song will come out on the 20th and the second on the 27th.
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Releasing the album in December means less than 3 weeks before release. Is that time enough for the songs to become chatbusters?
According to Sony Music, the entire album will be available from December, with some songs released in different languages for different markets by famous artistes; we hear an Arabic version is also on the cards for this region(UAE).

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That's what Makin me concerned, 18 days before Movie release is too short!
Huh.. :/

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3 hafte pehle music release ho raha hai movie ka... And you all dummy fans are getting mini heart attacks... Abe humaray saath to ye 5 saal se ho raha hai... Aur phir bhe saal ka sab se bada superhit music Salman Khan ki movie ka hota hai

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The full music album of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo was released on 10 Oct 2015.[7] The first video song titled "Prem Leela" was released on 7 Oct 2015 - Wikipedia

Its not your fault that salman fans don't know basic maths and calculation..


"Aur phir bhe saal ka sab se bada superhit music Salman Khan ki movie ka hota hai"
Hahah I don't know your trolling salman khan films music or yourself as til i know Biggest hit music of
2013 - Aashiqui 2
2014 - ek Villain /yarriyaan
2015 - HAK

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