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What is the expected opening day numbers of Dilwale and Bajirao Mastaani and does Bajirao Mastaani have a chance ? [BOI Answer]

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Que - What is the expected opening day numbers of Dilwale and Bajirao Mastaani and does Bajirao Mastaani have a chance?
Ans - Dilwale will open better that is a no brainer and the the only question really is how much better and that will be decided on various factors. Firstly how do the multiplex programmers allot screens and timings and even more importantly, Dilwale is one of the 2 or 3 event films that come every year so its very likely that ticket prices will be raised for the film and what happens here with Bajirao Mastaani will decide the gap. Can Bajirao Mastaani do the same, will multiplexes allow it, if it does will the public pay the premium for it, if they do not does it give the sign of a weak film. This will only be known nearer the time of release.
M. Mustafa
Que - You said that Queen was not a fluke but over rated at the box office and was not a huge hit so does this also apply to English Vinglish as the director is now doing a Shahrukh Khan film so the expectations will be huge?
Ans - No doubt, its the same Queen and Shaandaar scenario, English Vinglish was liked by a very small minority but is made to look like an outstanding film, the expectations for the next become huge especially now as Shahrukh Khan is involved though its likely to be extended guest role. If its shown to public as a Shahrukh Khan starrer it will help the numbers but eventually if story telling is as English Vinglish its again minority appeal and numbers simply can't be big.
K. Saamna
Que - What is the final business of Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon in India and Worldwide and is it a hit?
Ans -  42 crore nett and 70 crore gross Worldwide. Was a Hit.
Rashid Ali
Que - Why are the footfalls of Drishyam be higher than Dil Dhadakne Do when it did 11-12 crore less business?
Ans - Footfalls don't go in the same way as collections, it despends on what is the pricing of tickets rates where the collections are coming from and this all varies across the country.
A. Sembhi
in Movies by Assistant Director (46.5k points)

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