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Baahubali Trp bomb fused now, fail to beat Trp of temper

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Note- Trp is not true criteria .barc rating is most accurate that cover both rural and urban area.
During Worldwide premier of Bahubali (telugu), Fan and all site claimed baahubali get 40 trp. Which is highest ever in indian cinema. But all hype are now fuss...

[1] Temper -  26.5 Trp
Gemini Tv
[2] Gabbar Singh - 24 Trp- Gemini Tv
[3] Magadheera - 22 Trp- MAA Tv
[4] Baahubali - 21.84 Trp- MAA Tv
[5] Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle chettu - 20 Trp - MAA Tv
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This what happens,when you make 2Hr 20Min film in to 4Hr+ film......

they irritated audience with ads ...its not ads in between cinema..its cinema in between ads...

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Ya That's the point..

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but that premire was higest ad turnover for MAA TV. 1 hour 40 minute AD. Unbelievable.

by Producer (103k points)

No brother, I was talking to G.G. ..........


hmm. Ami CU tei pori.


Vai aajke ki tumi campus e chila? Emne ami Cu er student der name onek kharap kotha sune chi. Kintu aajke exam dite giye dekhlam ora onek helpful.


Ami ajke jainai. Ajke gechi. Dui Ekta chechra chara sobai helpful.


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