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Ques: Do you consider Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan to be the extensions of the Dilip Kumar phenomenon? They have consciously or unconsciously copied you.

I believe Amitabh is an accomplished and complete actor. Shah Rukh is extremely popular I understand. I’m not aware whether they have copied me. Generally speaking, it becomes easy for a serious actor to take a reference from a work he has liked and build on it. It should not be termed as copying or imitating. That’s what mimics do for a living.

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Bhai, kaha tou sabse badi film our tabahi film uski copied nahi hai, hehe. Prove hotta ke apna style best hai. Dilip ko copy karke bade banne mein kya fakhr.


i too think Dilip Kumar didn't think SRK is an accomplished actor.....n the reason i think 95% chances are that he has not seen much work of SRK n Dilip Kumar's acting approach is poles apart.........Dilip Kumar was a subtle performer.........i used to define two acting style as CALM n LOUD........but Ranveer Singh defines it better as ''some actors are DO'ers and some are NON-DO'ers'' ......i doubt if Dilip Kumar ranks Amitabh's Agneepath performance as something special in Amitabh's career........mindset is different.......SRK is a proper theater actor n unlike Dilip Kumar he has a loud approach like Daniel Day Lewis.....but fun is that not even DDL has as much grip on emotional scenes as SRK has....SRK is an expressive actor.......and let me quote one line from IMDB on Devdas 1955...'Wooden expressions are great for lovers of method acting, then they can impose whatever feelings they want on to them!' by the way Dilip did give too wooden expression in scar-giving-scene-to-Paro himself......but he was too young at time of Devdas n not that mature as an actor........coming back to main point, i too don't think SRK is considered as some special actor by Dilip Kumar....its a guess......or maybe Dilip Kumar was focusing more on praising Amitabh so that nobody makes it like some still-rivarly-thingy etc


Wesse tou mujhey tumharri ..much work of shahrukh ke baad se coming back to main actor... takk koi baat samajh nahi aayi. But I agree, I think Dilip actually hasn't seen many of Shahrukh's movies and that is why he said he is popular, like dekha tou nahi hai par sunna bohat hai uske baarre mein.


haha.....aray yaar talking abt underplaying actors like Dilip Kumar while SRK is an energetic actor.......n e.g. Swades is an anti-SRK-the-actor character......n yeah, Swades is the film on which SRK says i realized what Naseeruddin Shah told me years ago that ab zra theher kr acting karo gy to he acha lagay ga( n during Chamatkar when Naseer said 'tum bohat energy daaltay ho scene mein....zarorat nhn hai..... just hold back' n SRK says he replied 'i don't hv that craft that u have' ....see this ....starting 1:30mins
n regarding that WOODEN EXPRESSION, SRK overplayed Devdas whereas Dilip Kumar underplayed Devdas........both have different mindset as actors i think
n 'Ranveer Singh defines it better as ''some actors are DO'ers and some are NON-DO'ers'' '....n with this Ranveer said I HAVE SOME KEEDA INSIDE ME THAT WHEN THEY SAY 'ACTION', I HAVE THIS URGE TO DO SOMETHING(energetic) IN SCENE' ........n yeah, Ranveer is also like SRK....a highly energetic actor.....thats why he found Lootera very difficult cz Vikram Motwani was not allowing him to use many gestures/expressions.........whereas same year Ram-Leela is type of Ranveer's own acting approach...........n i like Ram-Leela performance more but i think for people like Dilip Kumar, he will choose they take less-acted-out roles more difficult
and see this Dilip Kumar's one ques/answer where he talks abt using body language
Ques: Your hand gestures along with dialogues ushered in a revolution...
Dilip Kumar: I used my hands only to justify certain dialogues, which had intensity and meaning. It was spontaneous, not a conscious effort. If I used my arm with every dialogue, it would have seemed phoney and contrived. In films like “Jogan”, “Babul”, “Footpath” and “Devdas”, I avoided unnecessary use of my hands.
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By the way, show MNIK, Swades n CDI to Dilip Kumar....he will may even use accomplished for SRK too.........i think most chances of him knowing SRK is through DDLJ, KKHH types....ab un performances ko dekh kr koi kya tareef kr ly ga

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Ohh How This Question Remains Unanswered. I Haven't Seen Dillip Kumar Work Yet And Didnt Like Amitab Bachchan Acting In Past (I Guess Because Of Not So Good Technical Aspects Of Those Films). I Have Seen SRK Only And For Me MNIK Is Best Performance By A Megastar In Indian Cinema (Yeah It Might Not Its Only What I Have Seen).
Leave It I Dont Know Anything Or Less About Acting All I Know Is How Box Office Was/Is/Will Be There For A Film. And To This Question, I Could Best Of Me By Following.

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Dilip Kumar is an Institution....................................

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no doubt abt that...................................

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