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Baahubali 2 can be the 1st Indian Film to collect 400 Crore Nett and 150 Crore Nett in Hindi Version.Do you Agree ?

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Bhai jab 1st part ne 361cr (by BOI) Kar liya to 2nd 400cr to cross karegi.

  • Where is boi haters and baahubali lovers ? Who hate boi but use BOI figure (361cr Nboc) for baahubali. Because he know nobody can track baahubali NBOC other then BOI. Baki sab to GBOC me hi phas gaye. Koi kehta 500cr gboc koi 450cr gboc.

$ ..

  • No other trade site provide liftime Nboc of baahubali in india,its boi which provide fastest updates.

$ ..

  • And where is ABO- andhraboxoffice lover- abhi tak figure update kia ki nahi, bhai karenge bhi kese, itna manipulate jo kia tha, adjust karne me toda time to legega.
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Bhai if hindi (dubbed version) has such a great run imagine how great was it in its home state. Just so that you know the magnitude it almost doubled previous ATG distributor share in AP/TG and its highest grossing movie ever in Karnataka (even higher than kannada films). Also it did more than 4 times higher business in Karnataka than previous Telugu best.
ABO follows the same method for all big films...they take atleast 1 month time. But Baahubali had long didnt update yet. Also there are many areas with "Overflows" and final DCR reports are submitted after adding overflows amount to original run. So taking more than usual time.
Tamilboxoffice1 is good for tamil films. Cineshore for Malayalam films. There is no comprehensive site that tracks all languages. Single language film released in other states are tracked generally by original trade (film belonging to original industry). For Baahubali as it had wide release in other states, respective trades tracked different versions. It is more authentic than BOI all India figs. Btw South trade took BOI fig for hindi version for calculating all india nett. Tax is not uniform in AP/TG. Only local trade knows how to calculate (as Tax differs from diff regions within the state) Nett and gross with minimum error.


$ Accroding ABO baahubali collection -

  • 1st day - 42.1cr
    1st weekend - 105.7cr
    mean 105.7-42.1=63.6cr for 2 day. Means average 31.3cr for saturday and sunday

$ ..

  • Oh my god.. Negative growth, collection decrese on saturday and sunday why ?


$ Accroding to BOI Baahubali collection -

  • 1st day - 32.7cr
    1st weekend - approx 100cr
    means 100-32.7= 67.3cr for 2 days
    means average 33.65cr for saturday and sunday

$ ..

  • So BOI figure beliveble sees slightly growth on saturday and sunday.

$ ...

  • SIMPLE LOGIC - Postive reviewz,100% accupacy, Increas shows so why collection decrese accroding ABO figure ?

Think...? Get answer ? Pls reply...................................pls


Bhai as i said without knowing abt South BO dont talk...and blindly believing BOI will take you nowhere. OK I'll try to explain.
1) Its a common practice of telugu/tamil films to have Benefit fan shows (mostly after midnight on the day of release prior to morning shows). They are generally limited in number but not for Baahubali which had huge number of shows. The ticket prices went upto 1.5k-2k and even 2500-3k for some high profile shows. A theatre in kukatpally,Hyd was sold for 9L for a single show. Imagine huge number of such shows. And similar shows are held in karnataka and Chennai.
2) First day fig for AP/TG also includes fixed hires of C&D centres. For Ceded area these are added generally at the end of 1st week. All remaining areas fixed hires amount are added to 1st day.
3) These form a substantial amount in 1st day fig for AP/TG. From day 2, its all normal. So collections drop (figuratively. Only extra revenues subside) on 2nd day for every big film no matter how much positive WOM is there. The sunday collections will be better (or similar) than 2nd day as usual.
4) Unlike North which opened on low levels, Baahubali opened packed houses (100%) for whole weekend. The amount from these shows is fixed. Baahubali had no increase in shows in south (mainly in AP/TG where it collected max revenue initially) as it is released virtually in every theatre in AP/TG.Its only the benefit shows and fixed hires made 1st day bigger.
5) Unlike North, any biggie in south will open 90-100% on first day irrespective of whether its a holiday or not. So fall on next days is normal and it is like fall after Eid, Diwali next day, Christmas for BW films. All BW biggies have fall after these days as they are national holidays so have record turnout and next day wont match. Its a similar situation.
6) Only Hindi dubbed version showed growth on 2nd and 3rd days. Other versions took a huge start already. There is no chance for them to grow further.
And before getting sarcastic (like in the last line).....if u dont know how South BO works.....better dont bring trade figs and argue on basis of figs. And take that simple logic and apply for BW....that doesnt work for South BO


Great answer dillip. Rocksy when you are asking somethinhg or getting something valuable from user like dillip, be polite. And stop ranting boi boi again and again.

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Fake collection ke dam pe 500 cr net bhi karsakti hai ...I want to see their tax return then only I will believe it or BOI confirmation chahiye...

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  • Baahubali 1st ka to Boi ne confirm kar dia hai.

$ Pk vs Baahubali NBOC or GBOC

  • GBOC- 441cr for BB and 446cr for Pk

$ ..

  • NBOC - 361cr for BB and 337cr fo Pk

$ ...

  • South indian trade site like ABO ka to calculator hi kharab ho gaya hai or itna manipulated kia ki ab correct karne me watt lag rahi.


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