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Wednesday 30 September 2015 23:30 IST
Box Office India Trade Network .

Q.Can prem ratan dhan payo touch 4cr footfalls in india ?
Ans. 4cr footfall is a tough task in todays times when our industry is being hit by rampant piracy and high ticket rates have made repeat viewing a costly affair on an average movie goer . It is not impossible as two of the biggest names of indian cinema are coming together after a long time . It needs the help of masses ,classes ,family audiences to achieve that mark .

Q. How much Sunny deol contributed in the overall success of Gadar.
Ans.Gadar was the next film of Amisha patel immediately after her hugely successful debut film Kaho na pyar hai and controversial indo-pak story helped it to open big in north india .Sunny deol was a star but even then the opening was too good even for his star status and the direction of Anik Sharma created a great impact on the audience so it a good long run .
Zauq ibrahim

Q.Is there any possibility in bollywood to have a full frontal **** scene by an A list actress?
Ans. It all depends on the acceptance of the audience and modernisation of CBFC .The rate at which bollywood was going in terms of nudity in the 80s ,it seemed that we could have those scene by 90s itself ,but things slowed down .

Q.Between Katrina kaif and Sonam kapoor who is more popular at the boxoffice.
Ans.No heroine can bring people to theatres by de-glam roles . Katrina kaif in a glamorous role is better than Sonam kapoor in a de glam role and vice versa but Sonam in a glamorous role is better bet at the bix office than a glamorous katrina kaif because Sonam kapoor is Up for risqué dresses which katrina cant do.
Faraz Ahmed.
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Chalo as per your wish...


Where is the link.........?


Phekne ki bhi hadd...hai yaar ..

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........thts what v call creativity........:)

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Thanx...all doraemon fans are filled with abundant creativity :)

0 sinchan fans r superior........:)

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I wish nudity turned allowed, as we could see all Kat, sonam, Deepika, sonakshi's tennis ball and football :D

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Haan yaar aishwarya aur madhuri ko mat bhool

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Great charlie, you used time machine and bought us questions that boi answered from future..... Just edited that date in present....... Well done, you made sir DORAEMON proud

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Thank u bhai .we doraemon are the best species in earth ..I think this article of boi will come on 30th october..


@4_Lee too good but wanted an update from COI not frm BOI ..


Yo.. Month end bhaisaab

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That last answer about Kat and Sonam is hilarious.

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Hahaha...I tried to keep the post under 18 ...

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