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The makers of ‘Singh Is Bliing’ have been tight-lipped about Sunny Leone’s mini appearance in the movie. Both Prabhudheva and Akshay Kumar seemed hesitant when asked about Sunny’s role in the movie. However, Prabhudheva has finally confirmed the news.

In an interview, Akshay Kumar was asked what he thought about the decision to cast Sunny Leone in the movie, to which he replied, “I didn’t think about casting her in the movie.” He soon got defensive and asked the interviewer, “How do you know that she is there in the movie? Has Sunny told you? ”

When asked whether or not Sunny will be in the film, Akshay said, “You will have to watch the movie for that.”

However, director Prabhudheva tried to dodge the Sunny Leone question. But after much probing, he said in a reluctant tone, “She just walks in one small shot.”

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Yeah she coming just one scene that she walking around airport.Thats all

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