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please suggest me a very good mobile in the price range 19K-25K...and also tell me oppo mirror 5 is good phone.can i bye this?

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Asus zenphone 2 is far better than oppo mirror 5 in the same price!!

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OnePlus One I would say..or go for Samsung Galaxy Alpha..Lenovo Vive X2 is an another good choice.

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Microsoft lumia 640 xl

by Location Manager (7.8k points)
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Samsung Galaxy J-7 @ 17k ...

by Producer (118k points)

Its 15 not 17.............

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by Production Accountant (25.1k points)
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Go for One Plus Two or Samsung E5. E5 is little cheaper also but quality near S5.

by Producer (103k points)
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oneplus two............................................

by Production Accountant (24.5k points)


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