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I don't believe, and the reason is simple, there is no soul in our body, so after our biological death, nothing of us remains to start a new life...there is no YOU after your DEATH.

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Isn't it possible that your soul would Be transferred to different body?


If anyone dies his mind dies too, so how can a soul exist then who can think and do other stuffs that requires a brain. And if there is soul why would anyone need a brain..t


Understand, you are not the body or the mind. Those are just instruments. You are beyond these instruments. In current experience, you feel that you are body so you think that there is nothing exists after the death of the body.

Concluding the things with the current experience is like telling sun revolves around the earth. But the truth is different. One has to drop the idea of concluding too early. Wait, search, seek and the truth will find you.

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Either you have to chose to believe in religion or in science..!! Life ends after death..there's no such thing as Hell, Heaven,Soul, Reincarnation etc.
The entire myth of rebirth ,good deeds get you to heaven ,bad deeds to hell were created by sages and priests for the livelihood of their community for generations yo come...

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Bro body gets destroyed but what about soul?? What happens to it??
According to majority of religions, your soul remains after death.. Buddhism follows The motto of nirvana which also supports the concept of reincarnation


There is nothing called soul..No biological study has neither proven till date nor it needs to prove that it exists..
Nirvana is nothing but controlling your body metabolism...

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A conclusion without the experience is a belief. Those who say that there is no reincarnation are also believers like those who believe in reincarnation without experience.

Experience is the truth and real authenticity. So from my experience, I am clearly able to see the line between my past life and this one. This is my experience and I don't want anyone to believe on that. Start your own search and fint it.

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But how did you experience that line between your previous and present life? I am curious to know.

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I also believe in it....
Sometimes I get dreams abt someone calling me...saying "Mere Karan Arjun Aaayenge".....
Only thing I am confused abt is whether I was Karan or Arjun??.....

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I am a very very firm believer too. Everything is meant to be and happens for a reason

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