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U were saying srk saved bollywood. So what is this?

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Isn't it surprising that just 2-3yrs he was termed as No.1 star and now struggling to give 5cr opening.  The movie was supposed to be an average fair at boxoffice looking at its trailer, but now its going to be a huge disaster. Except Sooryanvanshi none of his film worked post pandemic. I think he has over exposed himself and has failed to generate loyal following. Those patriotic films pre pandemic worked as that genre worked huge at that time. But Akshay Kumar the 'Star' or 'Actor' didn't  gain much following. I still feel that he had stardom in 2007-2010. After that very few of his films have opened really well. He need to reinvent himself and stop treating movies as 9-5 job. Doing 4 movies a year and fooling producers won't take him anywhere.
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Labour work?
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3 crores for the first day was not expected. 
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It's even worse, 2,25 Cr for opening day...
I remember FAN. Wow, what a beginning for a movie. Then all nonsense throughout. I still imagine how beautifully the movie could be made and what they made... I am waiting for OTT for selfie to review, but expect the exact same shit as FAN shit.
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Akki was never a superstar. Period. He's finished now. Ab star bhi nahi hai. 
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Selfiee's disastrous performance is not that shocking. What is shocking is that no one is even blaming emraan for this disaster B.O opening. Hashmi saab should concentrate on giving solo disasters instead of staring as a second lead in such disastrous films. Shameful day as a Hashmi fan. 
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