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16 years of BAADSHAH.... Rate it and share your views about it..!!

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Honestly speaking, i find the film very silly. Abbas-Mustan are not known for comedies. Also SRK isn't that good in the comedy genre. But i love the songs. SRK & Twinkle made a nice pair. I rem watching Baadshah in the theatre in Chandigarh. I was 9.


The first time I watched this was in VCD, the *** copy which we had rented. Ofcourse when this film released, watching Hindi movies in theaters was totally banned in my family. Ah the scoldings we used to get for the costume Twinkle Khanna is wearing in Woh Ladki Jo song.. Nice song never liked by my family. Even during Chitrahaar,if that song played then they used to switch off the tv & send me to study. Heck we used to have only one channel DD National in those days.
Honestly, the first time I watched the film, it was simple fun. The first song Main Toh Hoon Pagal was very much fan even though they had lifted that entire sequence from The Mask. But 3 songs Woh Ladki, Mohabbat Ho Gayi Hai & Hum Toh Deewane Hue Yaar were the famous songs in that year with Hum Toh Deewane Hue song being one of my all time fav. It was just a fun watch, with some of comedy scenes working really well like the Bond spoof with the gadgets & the car...
Only when I re-watched it on cable in 2003-2004 I started nagging thanks to Abbas-Mustan not so cleverly copying from various films... The entire Srk blackmailed to kill Raakhee was lifted from Johnny Depp's Nick of Time but for us Kannadigas the Ramesh-Sudeep's Kannada film Prathyartha was a straight remake of Nick of Time so Kannada version was the source. The whole climax lifted from Rush Hour. The Mask reference is already made. The movie lost it's charm instantly & ever since the feeling is not the same as it gets boring right away. I remember trying to watch this film last year on tv but only could make it till Woh Ladki Jo Sabse song.


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@TB,thanks & done!!!
@Dark,khud internet pe was silver jubilee at some places....but shayad hi kisiko pata hoga....just like u r an Amir fan lekin tujhe ye nahin pata hoga Ishq was golden jubilee at some places....

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An underrated comic masterpiece of the 90s. The film managed to do moderately well but didn't receive the appreciation it deserved at the box office. It had an excellent balance of slapstick comedy, witty humor, and a bit of kitschy drama towards the end (the whole CM assassination plot). So what if some of the scenes were copied from Hollywood films? They managed to give a nice desi twist to it! SRK was at his hilarious best as the goofy detective - he does well in these comic loser types of roles (note Yes Boss, this, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, etc). Twinkle Khanna performed decently and looked great as the undercover agent. I don't understand why the film receives so much hate - the humor, although quite silly, is far better than the trash that Sajid Khan gives us in the name of entertainment. Happy New Year, a film of a similar genre - silly action comedy - doesn't even compare to Baadshah in terms of its humor quotient. SRK really needs to reflect upon his classics of the past and implement changes in his future films if he wants to break 500 crores.

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it was a rage among School Kids.....we use to discuss it almost evryday...dat what we cud hav done if we hav got all dos gadgets....really Childhood memories hav flashed back......I was xtually discussing just two days back.....if any Company releases the BAADSHAH Version of SUNGLASSES...kitna mazaa aajayega

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My Childhood favourite..... One of the most entertaining movie of Bollywood and definitely way better than overrated shit Andaz Apna Apna(which was full of overacting by everyone).....SRK deserved a very special award for this performance...... I am yet to see a single person(of course in real life,not on the internet where some jealous haters are barking) who disliked/hated this movie....One of the most loved movie.... But underrated at box office and underrated performance by SRK.....It would have done atleast 300 cr if released today......

by Director (123k points)

swades indias finest movie buhaaa isliye oscar me koi thuka bhi nahi
rgv ki aag >>>> crap swades


[email protected] rises u r insulting a legendary film by using such username......either change ur usename 2 'mela' or stop behaving like this........haHA......


@Dark,Abe gadhe Swades was not sent to Oscar....Paheli went instead of Swades.....BTW lagaan ka jaise troll bana aur criticize kiya gaya Oscar pe amir ko suicide kar dena chahiye tha.hahahaha....


abe champ kab wo crap film paheli oscar nomination mila thaa ahhahahahah oscar waloo ne lath marke paheli ko nikal diya tha or kab laggan ko criticize kiya tha be oscar pe laggan swades ki tarah crap bakwass utter rubbish nahi he @kabir apne hr ko bol pehle 200 cr dene keliye

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One of my fav movies as a child.
Wanted the house that turned into office, those glasses, thos shoes and yeah the chocolate bomb!
And the song, mai toh hoon pagal is still my favourite with quite fun lyrics
All in all a 5/5 for what it was to me as a child

by Assistant Director (53.8k points)
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Paisa Vasool.........................................................

by All Time best! (326k points)
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one of the best comedy films i have ever seen.hope srk do more comedy films.

by Unit Manager (31.2k points)
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One of my best.... !!!
What an Entertaining movie... !!!
Awesome Album...!!!
BADSHAH... !!!!!

by Editor (84.9k points)
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One of my most favourite movies as a child.It was so entertaining,the best part that shaking of cup by srk,Johnny lever scenes in the plane.Songs were catchy and all very memorable.

by Star (156k points)
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Great!!! I have always enjoyed watching this movie. Songs are also good.

by Executive Producer (66.2k points)
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....yup an underrated film nd 1 of my fav films......i never miss this on tv.......

by Unit Manager (34.4k points)
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Still remember watching it in there.
It was a newly build theatre with excellent sound system.i got scared of the sound and light before the start of the movie..
Then the title song came and people in stall were whistling and screaming..some people were also thowing papers.
still remember my dad not liking the movie but was happy to see me enjoying.especially those funny scenes of that magnet shoes ,those glasses and eyes operation.
still i enjoy watching it on tv.

by Super-star (161k points)
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if andaz apna apna is the best comedy film in 90s then badhsah is worst comedy film in 90s
plot is stolen from 3/4 hollywood films srk weak acting songs are terrible
my rating 3/10 ( 2 for jhonny lever 1 for the title song)

( its my opinion)

by Art Director (2.7k points)

Andaz Apna Apna is a masterpiece. Imdb top 250 material....

Baadshah deserves to be in Horror Category....


Andaz Apna Apna is a copy of a Dirt Rotten scoundrels(1988) film lol


haaa abe gawar slum boy kabhi dirty rotten scoundrel dekha he lol


magar script tu pada hai uss ka!

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Silly and thandi movie...
Hot Twinkle khanna....

by Production Designer (14.7k points)


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