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It seems clear and finer than ever that Public demand has changed.

Audiences are not at all interested to move to theatres for any over the top social drama or even patriotic movies which are bland... Which Akshay Kumar has constantly be doing on...

Its high  time that he gets all of his movie making processes together... Take a break!

And make only the movies which his die hard fans want!
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Akshay Kumar has been brutally overexposed, plus his movies due to his 40 days shoot nonsense also comes out looking bad production wise.

His comment is stale and non interesting, what he needs to do is to take a break and make content that looks visually good and worth better production values, something which looks like worth spending money in theaters.
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Bmcm solo release is his best bet. Otherwise all his other movies will go the selfiee way only. 
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We should also criticize Hashmi also. Akshay is almost a senior citizen now. Hahsmi saab should go back to vishesh films and beg for couple of films , he shouldn't do second lead roles . 
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