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4 down votes n 2 flags.. lol
yeh kisne diye hain..
chalo +1....


C'on it was spoof..
Log serious le gye Lagta hai (rofl)
I guess their Sense of Humour is better and they want to Down the Flag..
Jhanda lahraya toh Kuch Log 18+/ Nonveg/Adult post samjh lenge types (rofl)


@moviezfun now it bcame 7dv n 4flags..
lets see whr it ends finally lol..


I think there are more than 7 Diehard Srk Follower (can't term them fan otherwise they would have understood that it's a spoof)
So now i think there are many yet to come..

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Bhai you shd hv written d title correctly na..
Dilwale Dulhaniya Le JayenGayy... lol
toh yeh video dekhni hi nahi padti..
poll kholdi ha ha...
Vaseline Lmao...

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Hilarious spoof, I think it is most ridiculous funny spoof by Shudh Desi Ending.

by Production Accountant (26.5k points)

Competition at 9pm, be there in our chatbox.

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