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What will be your reactions if somehow DDLJ turns out to be a bigger hit and having more footfalls than HAHK in updated database of BOI ?

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they have to add Maratha mandir collections to the total collections if its somehow include it which still i dont think so they will but if they do add around 15 cr from maratha mandir then it is much possible that it will be a big hit then HAHK , as DDLJ is still running in Maratha mandir with respect to other trade pundits and sites it will be considered bigger hit then HAHK , but aoi,com dont think so..........

by Assistant Director (50.2k points)

I am just asking your reaction if it turns out to be true . Just a situation.


it will be awesome bro....... but dont know the reaction of aamir and Salman fans , as DDLJ is bigger hit then every aamir film just salman is leading with HAHK if it somhow surpass HAHK then it will be a great thing For SRK

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According to this link DDLJ has collected approximately 16 cr with at least over 1 cr footfalls but their overseas collections aren't acceptable....

According to komal nahta,DDLJ had done 12.5 cr till it must have done 15 cr till now...

So going by's 61.5 cr for DDLJ and 69.5 cr for HAHK,including MM collections DDLJ has collected approximately 76.5 cr till now which is higher than HAHK...But I am sure BOI will never add MM collections and will give 65-67 cr For DDLJ Nett collections and 73 cr to HAHK......

by Director (123k points)

yaar tusee chagaeee yaar great champ............ will never ever add maratha mandir at all possibly they add after salman and aamir career are over..


So going by's 61.5 cr for DDLJ and 69.5 cr for HAHK,including MM collections DDLJ has collected approximately 76.5 cr till now

How man? Till 2011 Maratha Mandir collection was 12.5cr. So 61.5cr collection was updated let's say in 2007 or 2008 which means over 75% of 12.5cr is already added to DDLJ's 61.5cr. So how much collections do you think is left to be added?

You can't say 61.5cr for DDLJ & add 15cr of Maratha Mandir saying 76.5cr. That 15cr MM collections are from 1995 not later. So most of Maratha Mandir collections is already added in those 61.50cr of DDLJ. The remaining at the most will come 3-4cr which will maximum take it to 65cr.


any proof that they have added in that 61.5 cr???


Proof is the Komal Nahta's tweet of 12.50cr. It clearly says combined collections till 788 weeks which means 12.50cr collection is from week 1 itself i.e. 1995. So don't you think Maratha Mandir's collection to be added in Mumbai circuit when they gave the 61.50cr figure?

So you think,it has collected 21.5-12.5-9 cr only in Mumbai circuit apart from MM which is even lower (almost half) than even KKHH,RH etc....???


@Real Champ... 21.50cr is till 2011? Nahi na... That 21.50cr already has Maratha Mandir collections. But not entire 12.50cr because that was till 788 weeks in 2011.

So 21.50 - 12.50 = 9cr isn't logically correct.

You can't say 21.50cr is already mentioned by BOI so let's add 15cr to that so it'll become 36.50cr for DDLJ which isn't correct.

1 theater won't make much difference to the overall earnings even if it's tax free or been shown at lower ticket price. Infact lower ticket price is another reason why the collections will be on the lower side.

Think yourself, if 61.50cr (old collection till 2007/08) is the figure of DDLJ & it needs another 8-9cr to surpass HAHK, how much it needs to earn from Maratha Mandir in remaining 8 years? Do you think Maratha Mandir earns 1cr per year from DDLJ to achieve this? The collections might've been slightly pushed during it's 1000th week with it being released exclusively for one week but even then the collections wouldn't be high.


may be you r right...BTW footfalls to jyada hoga na???or at least same range mein hoga....
BTW you didn't answer me regarding Mohra's verdict?



@Real Champ.. I thought I had answered. I'm also expecting Blockbuster verdict for Mohra.


@suhas,check this according to IBOS....

Baazigar- Distribution Price:Rs. 45 lakhs (per territory) Recovery:Rs. (per territory) Budget:Rs. (1993) Baazigar Raw Box Office Net Collections:Rs. 9.00 crores (1993) Adjusted Net:Rs. 90.39 crores Baazigar Box Office Gross:Rs. 18.00 crores (1993) Adjusted Gross:Rs. 180.78 crores Mohra- Trade Note:Biggest opening of 1994 Distribution Price:Rs. 55 lakhs (per territory) Recovery:Rs. (per territory) Budget:Rs. (1994) Mohra Raw Box Office Net Collections:Rs. 9.00 crores (1994) Adjusted Net:Rs. 82.30 crores Mohra Box Office Gross:Rs. 15.75 crores (1994) Adjusted Gross:Rs. 144.03 crores Distribution Price Mohra ka jyada tha Baazigar se....Recovery Baazigar ka jyada hoga Mohra se aur Baazigar 1 saal pehle ka film tha Mohra se....BOI said last year that Mohra is the biggest hit of Akshay means same or bigger than Blockbuster Rawdy Rathore....So if Mohra is a Blockbuster, then Baazigar is a Blockbuster too...If Baazigar is a BB,then Darr should be then Khalnayak,Dil,Ghayal,Saajan should be.....


Well it's not just the distribution price but also recovery per territory that matters. I would say Mohra had better recovery from the interiors.

Let's see what the updated versions of BOI will be. They won't be comparing with IBOSNetwork for sure.


ek baat to confirmed hai ki Baazigar ka nett collections ab minimum 9 cr hoga...and would be super hit minimum......


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