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Biggest Hit & Most Watched Movie: 80-89 - Salman(MPK) 90-99 - Salman (HAHK) 00-09 - Sunny(Gadar) 10-19 - Salman(Bajrangi Bhaijaan Till Now)

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in General by Production Designer (15.8k points)

Mpk Is not biggest dude. It was collection wise biggest.

5 Answers

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And Salman movies will always have great footfalls even if collections are lower bcz of single screen audience craze for Salman

by Cinematographer (92.9k points)
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While, most watched movie at maratha mandir is DDLJ.

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)


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by Producer (118k points)
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Biggest Hit and Most Watched of 1980-89 was Kranti......
Most Watched Movie Of 1990-99 is DDLJ(including MM Footfalls)......
BTW Top stars of all time-

by Director (123k points)

buahahhaha............kyun rang mein bhang daal rha h............bechara bari mushkil sy to aya h akash to enjoy here(yeah, after seeing if Salman is successful or not).....let him enjoy, plz


haha....OK OK ...let him enjoy....


thanks for cooperating

@Akash: chal ab naach kr dikha....chalo chalo shabash


[email protected],aaja bhai milkar naachte hain....

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Most watched film of 80's is kranti acc to old boi.

by Assistant Director (43.3k points)


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