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BOI Answer - Why Ghajini is not considered as ATBB.

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to me







Gadar was 2001 and Ghajini in 2008. Thats seven year gap. Gadar share 56 cr, Ghajini 60 cr. Now PK share is 161 and lets say a film in 2020 does a share of 170 cr it wont be an All time Blockbuster. The gap between is PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan is 7 months so if Bajrangi Bhaijaan does close to it but beats it in 40-50% of India then it will be.

A KKHH did a share of 30 cr when HAHk was 53 cr and KKHH was still ATBB and that because business with HAHK business went up 500% so when a regular blockbuster did 16-17 share at time, KKHH did 30 which has to be ATBB despite it being much less than HAHK.

Its complicated but hope you understand.







> Hi Admin,

> I just want to know that in your recent article you have answer a question
> for Bajrangi Bhaijaan ATBB potential so my question is why Ghajini is not
> said to be a ATBB as its break all the previous collection records in
> every domestic circuit except East Punjab (Sing is Kinng) & Bihar (Gadar Ek Prem
> Katha).
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kya bekar logic hai !!!!
Khud bhi janta hai anab shanab bak raha hai , Us liye complicated bol ke chhor diya. Then Kaho na pyar hai kyun ATBB nahi hua ???

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......this is d 2nd or 3rd time u r getting reply from if i m nt wrong........haHA dont u hv ny other work 2 do bro? or atbb wat u vl get?nothing........

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he is paid by BOI every time they reply him......Its complicated but hope you understand........hahahah


You and your hahaha friend badshah spend most of the time in this forum and ask /give your stupid opinion what you will get hahaha...


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