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For Kadar Khan --- no doubt 5/5....
and it has been always my grudge/disappointment- that these actors (never got Lifetime achievement award for their contribution to bollywood since 1970 (other is Amrish Puri)...and so many undeserving/undeserved candidates have got it.....

Bollywood waalo...Kadar Khan abhi bhi Jinda hain (Amrish Puri to chal base)...ab bhi sudhar jaao...and see his contribution to bollywood

I am the few of those lucky ones- to catch Kadar Khan on big screens when he started his bollywood career (in negative roles) like Naseeb ,Do aur Do Paanch,Parvarish etc....

Then he moved to comedy roles in 90's especially with Govind/Shakti Kapoor which was fun to watch especially Aankhen , Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri,Hum,Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharnii ,Bol Radha Bol ,Coolie No. 1,Saajan Chale Sasural etc etc

Last but not the least -his contribution as a Dialogue and Script Writer in 80's/90's era with Manmohan Desai and Prakash Mehra where Ganga Jamuna Saraswati, Sharaabi, Coolie, Desh Premee, Lawaaris, Suhaag, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Parvarish Amar Akbar Anthony,Satte pe Satta etc were few of his gems....

Great Salute to a real legend of bollywood.... who has acted in more than 300 films and written dialogues for more than 200 films....

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5/5...Love this man,he was an integral part in almost every davud dhawan movie in 90s and not to forget his contribution as a diloyge writer.

by Star (156k points)
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Kader Khan is a legend who is one of the best comedians in Bollywood. This man has very good comic timing which is just as good as Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Boman Irani and Shakti Kapoor. Him and Govinda were a great combo and both shared excellent chemistry on screen.

Here's some his good performances.

  1. Dulhe Raja
  2. Coolie No.1
  3. Raja Babu
  4. Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri
  5. Surakshaa/Hero Hindustani

This gets a 5/5.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)


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