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BOI: Bajrangi Bhaijaan might challenge the UK lifetime record that was set by Dhoom 3 (£2.7m). Views?

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wow....if BB can break/cross D3....that;s a really a great great great achievement.....

I remember at the time of D3....all trade analysts said that D3 is breaking all records/circuits/countries...but crossing MNIK in UK will be very very tough and D3 finally crossed MNIK in UK...and that was the last circuit/county record it achieved...and that itself was considered a huge success
and now if BB crosses it/or come very close to it...then I'll say BB is the real winner...

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Yea..already 2 times (family and then friends)..and may be need to go 3rd time too (with colleagues)....don't worry will not fall into the category of diminishing marginal utility.....

Obviously whole film is good but Its the climax specially which is working in the favor of the film....
What I can remember/recall- I have never seen anyone crying in the audience (may be titanic last time)...but saw two ladies (one in teens but other in 30-40's) crying inconsolably.....(now cant say for sure it is bcos of film or due to hormonal discharge during mensuration cycle....)


Climax was...... it was almost begging me to cry/get emotional . They should have ended when the film when the girl reunites with her mom . Bajrangi shouod have silently returned back to india and the little girl meeting salman in the future may be little grown up or fully grown .


Don;t worry...what I know from sources...that will be the alternate ending in DVD release.....


Alternate film is a better idea . Iam dissapointed by the" A cup size" role of kareena . I wanted to see more of her .... after I came back I saw few kareena ads on youtube to quench my thirst.

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It's a .....

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