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Which was bigger succes between ROWDY RATHORE and DABANGG 2

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Rowdy Rathore - 2300 screens -132.5 crs

Dabangg 2 - 3500 screens - 149.5 crs

which was bigger

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Rustam bro Rowdy Rathore released on 2300 screens according to BOI


link to nhi hai ho sakta hai tu sahi ho............................

6 Answers

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If you talk of pure expectations and result then Rr wins hands down as it performed expectedly and outgrossed akshay s last biggest grosser housefull 2 whereas d2 was a big sequel and salman coming after his biggest grosser so it was expected to outdo ett but it outdid dabangg by only 10 crores which is less and footfalls wise D2 wins and considering release size then RR wins but fact is see them as individual films then both are massive blockbusters and very close to each other...

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Rowdy rathore undoubtly....less screens and new movie but dabbang 2 was sequel of salman khan's atbb movie and screens were huge.

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Rowdy Rathore ... Why?

  1. You already mention about screens
  2. Dabangg 2 is a sequel to a ATBB film
  3. RR was Non Holiday & D2 - Holiday release
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Well rowdy rathore was a bigger success everyone expected dabbang 2 to break 3 idiots record easily as salman's last film did 186crs and 200crs for d2 should have been a cakewalk but film failed to do so, so it'll rowdy rathore

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Rowdy Rathore was bigger success.

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Rawdy Rathore Is Much Bigger Hit Than Dabangg:2.

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