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Krrish 3 is the highest grosser of Bollywood . So what are the chances of Dhoom 3 and Jai Ho! to beat Krrish 3?

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See you SRK fans automatically assume that Roshans have increased the collections.....but is it necessary?
Maybe BOI has done an error or it favours Ranbir so it doesnt want K3 to beat YJHD?


Check This
Answer My Question 1st . Do You Have Any Reason, Except Defeat SRK, To Follow Producers Figure ? If Talaash Crossed 100cr According To Producers Figures Then I Think You May Have A Reason To Follow Them But Till Date I Don't Think You Have Any Reason To Follow Them .


Maruf, the same way Shahrukh fans mostly support it just to make Shahrukh look big, though I agree Nolan shouldn't have changed who he supported just for Shahrukh.


But Even According To BOI, CE Crossed 3 Idiots Lifetime . So I Think They Have A Reason . But Nolan Has No Reason To Follow Producers Figure .

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I am confused. Krish3 or chennai express. Which is biggest grosser ?

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Really! I thought it crossed 3i
i belive boi so i also believe

and i also belive that ett has highest first day record


@nolan Please Ask Nova Which Is Highest Grosser Worldwide ?


@Thunderbird So its good you honestly follow one site


I follow boi and i think you should also follow only one sit now it's up to you that which site you want to follow

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Please mention Source where it confirms..


Almost every source except BOI. Even it is published by all sites and news channels


The Whole World Say SRK Is The King Of Bollywood, King Khan . You Have To Accept This .

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If You(Aamir Fans) Follow Producer Figure,Then Yes Krrish 3 Broke CE Record.According To Producer Figure,Dhoom:3 Could Not Break Krrish 3 Record Cause Aamir Has No Star Power Infront Of Hritik.According To BOI,Dhoom:3 Has No Chance To Beat ETT Collection.And Jai Ho Has 90% Chance To Beat CE/K:3 Records.

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Okay SRK=King
Aamir=Emperor/Ace. Ace>King


No,I Think You Have Low IQ.So,You Don't Know This-
SRK-King Of Bollywood+King Khan+Emporor Of Bollywood+Most Popular Movie Star On Earth+God Of Bollywood+World's Biggest Movie Star+World's Richest Actor>Aamir Khan.


Aamir is ahead of SRK, no doubt about it.


We Know,You Know Who Is Ahead?So,Stop Barking.


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