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Baahubali (All Version) Crosses 100cr mark over the Weekend.Reaction.

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Baahubali becomes 3rd film ever to cross 100cr net mark over the Weekend after Happy New Year and Dhoom 3.. Weekend of the film is settling around 102cr approx net with telugu version contributing around 68cr approx and Hindi version contributing 20cr..

Film has been on phenomenal run as these figures are for non-festive release compared to other biggies.. Below is Weekend all India daily net figures..

Friday.. 38cr

Saturday.. 29cr

Sunday.. 35cr

Total.. 102cr


And Your Reaction to This :


Bajrangi Bhajaan was passed by CBFC Islamabad on Saturday giving go ahead for release to Eveready Pictures..There were different news among sectors of trade distributors.. Few claimed that film is passed with Release on Eid whereas others claimed it is passed but not allowed to release on Eid.. Places like Nueplex Cinemas had to put on hold the advance of the film with unknown reasons.. Film advance continued at Hyderabad where response is phenomenal as almost all ticket for Day One and over 50% for next two days also sold out in just a single day..


Well regional CBFC will watch film tomorrow and it's when it will be clear that whether film will come on Eid season or a Week later.. Well if CBFC puts hold on release then it's highly unjustified as other foreign release Terminator Genisys is releasing on Eid in Pakistan but Bajrangi Bhaijaan being stopped.. But few distributors has rubbished this news and said there is no such thing stated by Censor Board and film's advance in Punjab and Karachi will start from tomorrow when both board's clear it.. They further claimed that Federal Censor Board cleared it on Saturday hence Cinpeax Rawalpindi has started it's advance for Eid.. Well there has been cases last Eid when local releases met foreign releases but result was extremely high for the industry.. Na Maloom Afraad, O 21 and Bang Bang met each other but in the end 3 combined gave over 26cr to Industry which is excellent result..

With such confusions going on it is clear that many in Pakistan industry don't want film to release on Eid as they think it's not beneficial for local releases.. Firstly it was said at many places Weeks before release that it's content is against Pakistan and it should not be passed but Indian CBFC cleared it saying it will be a bond of friendship between India and Pakistan later Pakistani CBFC cleared it then a new controversy came up that it will not release on Eid.. It seems many in film industry don't think film should release.. Things will be clear till tomorrow but couple of simple questions remain, Why would Censor Board ban one foreign film and allow other?

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Truely outstanding that too by a South Indian film.This tells how gøod films always work.Baahubali rocks.

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