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I think so. What do u think?
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Aapne socha hai to sahi hi hoga sir. Hune to zyada kuch pata nahi hai in this field, but you are the expert, you have the expertise. 
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Pyari shakal ke baare mein baat kar raha hoon mein... Bobs and vagein ke baare mein nahi.. toh aap bhi khayaal zaahir kar sakte idhar.
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Mujhe toh yeh humesha se hi pasand h... Yahan tak ki main bhi isse shaadi kar leta
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Most of the times actresses looks their best at 30-35 . She will improve.
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Aishwarya is still the most beautiful among all actresses in India.

Kiara is good but not as appealing.
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Aishwarya of 2005 > kiara of 2023 . I agree. But realistically speaking aishwarya of 2023 < kiara of 2023
Bro, I encountered a short of Aish yesterday. She still kills it. She is more voluptuous now to my liking.

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