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btw nice conversation asper my knwldg agar bartan bhi girkar aawaz aati hai toh shaitan kush hokar naachta hai..


don't know abt that.......sorry to say but it sounds like extreme things made up by our elders.....''agar table/chair par bethay hoe taangein hilao gy to shaitaan us par jhoolay laita hai''........never heard this from any authentic source/person....but it was a very common thing known by almost every student in our school


Hahah table chair ki awaz.......
Yaar is main bohot confusions ban gai hain......Kuch samajh nai aati but the best solution is reduce it and blasphemous stuff to bilkul bi nai



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Now we're talking!
Honestly i liked selfie le le and didn't even listen to the second song twice. This stuff is brilliant. The fatigue of the journey and the pleading. It all shows.
5/5 from me

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Bhar Do Jholi Meri in Bajrangi Bhaijaan is what Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu is in PK.
The Soul of the movie.

by Set Designer (2.3k points)

That song bettered the movie IMO. Aamir is so innocent just like a child while performing a devotee's duties!

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really a nice song plus visuals..
all 3 songs looks so diff... bb all the way

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Now this is Good, Soulfull quawalli will enjoy in the film and now I am sure the film will be content rich i want to watch the situation of this song and offcourse rocking vice Adnam and great emotional expression by salman.

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This is an old qawaali from Sabri brothers ..I hope they give credit to them.

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Ofcourse the credit is given to them.


But on the youtube list I cant see ...and due to fear of original qawali fans criticism they have disabled th comments.


Nope... Nobody has claimed it as an original song. Kausir Munir has written the lyrics which is completely based on the Sabri brothers "Bhar Do Jholi Meri".

Kausir Munir has only made small changes to connect with the filmy audience otherwise it's largely based on the original qawwali itself.

Since the song itself is a prayer to god which is meant to be sung so I don't see much controversy/critcism here.

And the comments are not disabled. Check again, I'm able to read all 166 comments on t-series channel.

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