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Since 1990 Bollywood Has 3 Unique Records. In Which The Actor Has 2 Record Openers In The Same Year. Those actors are SRK/Hrithik. Look

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Shah Rukh Khan  


1995 - Karan Arjun (Record opener)

1995 - Trimurti (Record Opener)


2004 - Main Hoon Naa (Record Opener)

2004 - Veer Zaara (Record Opener)


Hrtihik Roshan 


2006 - Krrish (Record Opener)

2006 - Dhoom 2 (Record Opener)

It happened just 3 times. So can wee see the same for any other star in future where he has 2 releases in the same year and both gonna be record openers (It might be Day1 or Weekend or Week anything) .

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Saal me 2 biggest openers dena bade-bade stars ke kaam hain, chhote-mote lukkhe stars ke nahi.....

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)
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ha bade star ab 80cr n 50cr club chala rahe hai..


80 cr club mamk ke 8 cr club se 10 guna better hai.............


toh mai kya karu nachu...nacho sale g phad ke...

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ka was record opener only due to salman and trimuti was anil film while mhn was multistarrer film and big hype due to sunil shetty playing villain.

by Camera Operator (11.9k points)

poor salman fan. Salman multi starrer and heroine pe chalta tha 2010 pe. Ab thoda kismat ka Sahara hai. Wo kehte hain na....... Samay balwaan to gadha pehalwaan


South Industry zindabad


ha ha ha ka was bb only due to salman tab kahe nahi koyla blockbuster hua wo bhi same director rakesh ka tha hit bhi nahi hua madhuri bhi tha

koyla me salman nahi tha to blockbuster bhi nahi hua par ka hua.

actually srk is big flop in action movies,comedies only good in romance and rona dhona films


rona dhona films needs acting which Salman bhai lacks........angoor khattay hain

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Opening collection depends upon many other factors such as holiday as shown by Happy New Year - bestentertainerofalltime
Bhaijaan has given top 3 grossers in 1999.
BHaijaan has also given top 2 grossers in 2011 and 2012.
In current times also only Bhaijaan has the ability to give top 2 grossers in a year. Aamir and Hrithik never do 2 movies in a year. Srk in current time is struggling for highest grosser, forget about top 2 grossers.

by Producer (101k points)

name them bhaijaan.....Lead ones only


...hgoty doesnt make ny sense against record opener logically....alltime grosser may do it for bhaijaan....


Just counted Srk 12 hits without YRF/Dharma. Salman 13 hits without Rajshree/ Nadiadwala


including Saajan or No Entry or KKHH or Baghban?????

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....these all depends on stardom.......

by Unit Manager (34.4k points)
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ha bilkul sahi kaha ye doh bade stars ab 80cr n 50cr club chala rahe hai..

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)

Par inuagarate to salman bhai ne kiya tha.....1 crore ka club khol ke, 31 flops de kar das saalon mein.


thats the speciality of bhai... disasters or flop aise dedo ki haters bi yaad rake...


Hahahahhahahahahahahhaha.....khud hi ko troll kar liya.......thats what u call a salman fan, log dusron pe keechad dalte hain, ye salman ke fans khud hi apni maar lete hain.




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