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Awesome song. Very pleasing to the ears. 4.5 out of 5 from my side. Selfie was average but this is excellent.

by Producer (101k points)
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Seriously though, what's up with ** fans?
Why they barge in here with their negative views? I can say that they just criticise everything salman does!
Laughing and saying how a bad a song is that?

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

Let it go, it's not like they'll be allowed to do it all the time. Mods & Admins are there for a reason plus there are users like us who will make sure the reason reaches them.


Really feel bad when my fellow hr fans are doing all of that stuff.Almost all just being too harsh.

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Music and Voice seems good but still no where near to other atif songs...
Imo this song won't appeal to youth! But still song is good compared to previous one!

by Unit Manager (32.2k points)

Hahahha.. Rofl ...

+1 this bro...u vl literally do rofl nd lmao...just like me.... :)


Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha...... Omg....... Rofl....... Bhai... Whoever made this Deserves a grand salute... Hahahahha stil can stop laughing... Must watch... It shows the height!!!!! Hahahh... Tysm for the share!!


Lmao thanks for sharing this hilarious stuff. :D :D

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Decent song!!!Such songs only get on you with time still its not great but certainly not bad.

by Star (156k points)
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These type of songs grow on u as u listen more....Its just 1:33 song promo and it is a good song......Let the full song ....Btw I liked the picturization of the song and cinematography is great...3.5/5

by Director (121k points) 1 flag
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For the song....I;ll not say its awesome but its not bad either....
It grows/will grow on you slowly..

For negative views for this song ---- it clearly shows that those post/views were biased and nothing in reality for the opinion on this song...but that we all know how this forum works...

For the video ---- seems to be a situational song and colorful picturization...and happy to see "Assi Dilli"

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)

You gave a neutral answer.. Hmmm if it was praising the song or negative views then I could've easily predicted the number of down votes & number of flags instantly. Now I'll have to wait. Guess I chose best answer soon.

The moment they made sure Fuad's answer was hidden due to more flags, I had to select Sanjeev's as best as it had 7 flags.

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....haHA....haHA....haHA....laughable song...literally... :)

by Unit Manager (34.4k points)
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Tu chahiye, tu chahiye......what is this? Sounds like a kid asking for bournvita. Flat and listless. (n)

by Mega Star (226k points)

seriously????u r one of those users whose views changed with BB shocking if u really didn't like the song

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Below average ..............................!!!!!

by Editor (84.9k points)
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Yes Atif has done it. Worst song of his career. Pritam ko kya ho gaya. sajid Wajid se Training leke aaya kya.

by Producer (103k points)
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song was good bt with full of overacting

by Director (129k points)

kareena aunty did it


Where? We only saw her silent & play more dominant girl since she plays a working woman in the film with Salman being the shy guy. She's the one who's gifting him pendant, getting closer to him as much as he enjoys it in a shy way. The only other time in the song she emotes is when she signals Salman to lift up his sleeves like a wrestler & walk around.

Not an ounce of overacting there. How else you flirt without words?


you know what? people will not think like you! no one! never! bacause they don't know what the character is or was! they will directly see presentation and I feel presentation was not good, even if they really acted bt here its looking over acting, don't worry dude, it was and will remain my personal opinion, this song not connected with me like Hangover, so forget it ok


I'm not questioning your liking or disliking of the video song. It's your opinion to like or dislike something. You particularly used the term "overacting", I want to know where you found "overacting". It's a simple query that's all.

The video not connecting with you is one thing, calling it overacting is totally different thing.

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awesome loved of the best song of the year after Humnava (Hamari Adhuri Kahani),and Tum Todo Na(I movie)

by Assistant Director (57.0k points)
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lol 8 flag n 6 downvote... balai ka zamana nai raha... faud bro dnt worry its really a gud song.


Greak god mujhe song acha laga islia bola mhe halke fans nehi hu jho bolega hny best movie ever and before srk movie relese all song chatarbaster yead hee srk fans keheta hee mawna laga far better song then meherban(bang bang) but mujhe meheerban far far better song laga mawna laga che.sab lok ki taste alag hote he yaar.and playboy bro really song awesome


Koi nahi faud yaha toh kahi ko yeh bhi bardaash nahi ki koi apna opinion de aur tumhe pasand aaya toh unka lagta hai kyu aaya kyuki mujhe toh nahi aaya aur naa hi tumne unle fav star ke baare mein kich kaha.har jagah ghusne ki aadat hoti hai kaui logo ki.


yaar Janveet. Tum mere upar itna naraz kyun ho gaya. Playboy, puneet, grand nova, escape, vinaygrhat ye sab salman fans hamesha Hrithik ko bura bolte hain. Toh main kyun chod doon salman ko. Teaser ke baad maine kuch nehi bola, selfie ke baad maine kuch nehi bola. Lekin playboy ne suru kiya aur maine khatam. Nothing more.

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