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34 overs were lost due to rain.
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Run rate of 4.27 against bangladesh.... (facepalm)
should had been over 6, if not than 5-5.5 atleast
Dhawan played well but vijay bored me........ he was playing like bangladesh is australia lol

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I agree - Vijay was a bit too cautious. However, 4.27 is still very good in a test match.


@TB For God sake, It's Test mahn not T20s. And They are playing in Bangladesh not in India.

Anyway +1 (rock)


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....good jobb.....keep updatingg.... :)

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Test was always one sided...Bangladesh will need time to become a good test team...We ll have to see how ODI's go.I am with India..If India wins series and Rsa too then Pakistan will qualify for champions trophy and i am confident Pakistan will beat Srilanka as it has become set.....So Mauka Mauka

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