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......bro whatt happened 2 other 2 reviews?......:)




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ANAND /- This movie is special in it's own kind not only it stars the first superstar of India with amitaji but it's undoubtebly the best performance of KAKA

Actually it's very rare for boys and men to shade tears after watching the movie but unfortunately one can't stop themslves from SHAding tear for ANAND(Rajesh khanna).


The narration of the movies continues like the pages of dairy of MR BHASKAR BANNERJE (AMITJI) , whih describes how he met a person with INTENSTINAL CANCER and his relationships with him. Bhaskar is stuck by the cheering nature of ANAND and is shocked too see how cheerful life ANAND tries to live after knowing about his disease..
The STory moves on as BHASKAR AND ANAND becomes friends and shows how ANAND enjoys his remaining liitle life by his cheering and helpfull nature.


RAJESH kHANNA as ANAND is simply the best performance of his carrier . the character is so lively that it would bound you with it. IF ANAND is happy you would smile , if he is sad you would feel for him ,he enjoys life forgetting the fact that he has limited time your eyes would surely fil up with tears. NO more justice by any other person can be done to this role as the way rajesh khanna did it. JUST for this role i would say

AMITABH as DR. BHASKAR bannerjee AKA BABU MAOSHAI was simply another top notch role and it proved life changing role for him also fullfilling his dream to work with RAJESH KHANNA .

Supporting cast also did a great job and put their best to the masterpeice movie.


IT's another reason why movie is loved throughly by audience.
KAHIN DOOR JAB DIN DHALL JAYE attacks on your heart straight away .Rajesh khanna singing it in the movie is a haunting melody by any standard all you can do is sit and let the emotions flows.
ZINDAGI KAISE HAI PAHELI HAAYE is another superior quality song in which you would see rajesh khanna wlking along the sea side with ballons in hands . This is the only scene where we come to know about the sad past of anand , else in the whole movie we hardly find anand without a smile on his face.
Also MAINE TERE LIYE HI SAT RANG KE SAPNE chune is a enjoyable song in the melodious voice of mukesh , lyrics penned by gulzar.


I'm at a loss of words to describe it. I cannot explain in simple words how such an economic work can be so breathtakingly beautiful and powerful at the same time.
When all other Directors made mindless larger than life films where The Hero & the Heroin ran around tress and wept like babies, Hrishikesh Mukherjee made films that had simple themes, characters we could relate to and the whole movie had a Middle Class set up, something thats extinct in today's movies. IT's masterpeice from a master moviemaker HRISIKESH MUKHERJEE


The first primary reason why i loved the movie is not RAJESH KHANNA , It's HIS CHARACTER ANAND . The way chacter bind us with him is what truly awesome.
"BaaabuMushaai" this word which ANAND keeps speaking throughout the movie as a nick name to amitabh would echo in your mind even after the end of the movie .

Anand knows he has limited time in the world and he wants to fill every life that he touches with happiness. In the process he starts growing closer to you. He talks to a complete stranger on the street like he knew him forever. He shares the sorrows of people he meets, gives them reason to smile.

NO matter how manly( there is nothing like that ) you are , how emotionally stronger you are this guy (kaka) would make you laugh , would teach you to live the life , would give you the smallest reason to smile and than even he would make you cry


THE most dramatic end ever any movie had till now .This would be remembered for years
what can be more tragicc than a man who made everyone smile is lying on his death bed and amitabh sitting beside him mourning and yelling about how he can left him ?? who woud now irritate with his bakk bakk to him??
The SCENE where the ANAND finally closes his eyes and babumoshai weeps keeping his head on him and than the TAPE WHICH ANAND RECOrded plays the line :~

Babu Mushoy, zindagi aur maut upar waale ke haath hai ... usse na toh
aap badal sakte hai na main ... hum sab to rangmanch ki kathputliyan
hai jinki dor upar waale ki ungliyon mein bandhi hai ..HAHAHAHA


Rating this movie woud be simply an insult to the legendry peice of art made by HRISHIKESH ,AMITABH and RAJESH KHANNA.


P.S. Kab, kaun, kaise uthega ... yeh koi nahin bata sakta hai...
SO till we are alive let's try to make life worth living and giving others a reason to smile.


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Anand ye answer dekh ke kahi mar naa jae! (whew)


Anand is one of my all-time favorite films.. Thanks for writing a fantastic review of the film.. It could not have been better. I agree with all the points mentioned. I am proud that my middle name is same as that of such a great film..


@Rahil.. Lol.. I am alive but my chest size increased by a few inches. :P


Yup anand(h) is also my one of the favorite films of all time ..
thanks for the compliment @Anand 11998-)

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enter image description here

Harry Potter And Deathly Hallows Part II

There Are Films Which Are Meant For Entertainment. Then There Are Films Which Are To Learn. But There Are Very Few Films Which Are Meant To Live. One Such Instance Is Epic Fantasy Franchise "Harry Potter".
Harry Potter Films Has Become Integral Part Of Millions In World Since Start Of Last Decade Which Starts From "Harry Potter And Philosopher Stone" And It All Ends With This Epic Film. Key Characters Have Became Popular Whole Over The World. Franchise Touches Liking & Box Office Highs With Every Film So Did The Ending Matches The Expectations Of The Audiences

Harry Potter, Who Was Orphaned By Dark Lord Voldemort At Mere Age Of 1 Year, Sought To Avenge His Parents Death And Free Wizarding World From Terror Of Dark Lord. He Is Accompanied By His Best Pals Ron Weasely & Hermoine Granger And Order Of Phoenix & Dumbledore Army At Howgrats. Trio Is Hunting For The Seven Horcruxes Of Dark Lord. Their Journey To Hunt Horcruxes And To Finally Face Dark Lord Is All What Story Revolves Around.

There Are Numerous Characters In This Epic Saga. Each & Every Actor Not Plays His Role But Lives It. Most Of Key Characters Reprise Their Role From Previous Films.

  • Daniel Radcliffe During His Visit To India Said That During Last 11Years He Has Lived More As Harry Than Daniel He Prove Himself Right As He Shines As Lead Character Of Harry Potter. It Will Not Be Wrong To Say That Daniel Was Born To Play This Role. His On Screen Chemistery With His Companions Is Mind Blowing.
  • Rupert Grint As Ron Weasley Plays It With Perfection. Throughout The Franchise He Played Role Of An Amateur Wizard Who often fell To Vunerable Situations But In This Film He Displayed Magnificent Transition In His Character To A Smart Wizard.
  • Emma Watson As Hermione Is Too Good To Watch. She Plays A Smart Wizard Who Knows How To Tackle With Different Situations. She Provides Ample Support To Harry In His Mission To Get Over Dark Lord.
  • Ralph Fiennes As Voldemort Makes His Presence Felt In Audience Mind Through Out Film Inspite Of Hardly 20 Minutes Of Screen Time. His Appearance As A Man Without Nose And Cold Blood Attitude Creates Terror In Mind Of Even Greatest Wizards.
  • Michael Gambon Make A Short Appearance As Dumbledore And He Did It To His Nails With prefection.
  • Alan Rickman As Severus Snape Do Good whatever is Provided to Him. His Image Tranaition From A Bad One To A Good One Comes Out Be Quite Pleasing.

enter image description here

There Are Many More Characters In The Film. Describing All Could Be Done By Saying That You Can't Imagine Any One Else At There Place. They Did Whatever Was Demanded From Them Quite Prefectly. In Short They Make It To Rebirth As Their Characters.

It Seems That Everyone Realised That This Is There Last Chance To Live As Harry Potter Characters. That Is Why All Of Them Gave Their Cent Per Cent. From Minerva McGonnagal To Belatrix Lestrange From Drako Malfoy To Neville Longbottom Everyone Lived It With Heart. All Of Them Deserves Hats Off.

Story Screenplay Direction
Film Is Based On Novel Series Of Same Name By J K Rowling. Story Is Simply About Goodness vs Evil But The Way She Presented It Words Are Too Less To Describe Her Work. She Has Created Entire Wizarding World With Single Small Detail That You Will Not Mind To Be Part Of It.
Screenplay Is By Steve Kloves. Film Took Its Time To Build Up But Once It Shoot Up You Are Promised To Have A Good Visual Experience. He Has Turned brilliant Story Into Good Screenplay But It Has its Own Pitfalls As Film Loses Its Pace At Quite Few Instances In Film. But No Worries As Story And Emotions Are Too Strong To Back It.
With A Great Script And Lot Of Actors Who Are Playing Theire Characters from A Long Period Job Of Director Becomes Quite Easy But Full Marks To David Yetes For His Honest Efforts Which Bring Fruits To Him.

Techincal Aspects
Film Is Brilliantly Carved On Screen. Every Shot At Frame Is *** Brilliant. Sets & Locations Are Lavishing. Howgrats, Gringrrots And Other Locations In Film Are Beautifully Presented On Screen. Audiences Relates To Story But Credit Should Go To Art Department Which make You Believe Every Single Detail At Screen.
Background Score Of The Film Keep Audiences Engage With The Film. Appreciation Is Must To The Music Team Headed By Alexandre Desplat. Score Played post Voldemort Demise Is Too Good That It Will Remain With Audiences Post Film.
Editing Is By Mark Day And It Would Be Right To Said That They Did Their Job Brilliantly But There Is Scope Of Better Work Further.
enter image description here


  • Story
  • Performances By All Characters
  • Whole Wizarding World
  • Final War
  • Emotions Attached With Franchise Is The Biggest Strenght Of Film As Audiences Feel For Each Character
  • Background Score
  • Brilliant Piece Of Cinematography


  • Wars Could Be More Better As If Followed Completely From Novel
  • Pace Of Film Slowdowns In Some Parts But This Could Be Ignored
  • Screenplay Could had Been Much Better

Scenes To Watch For

  • Gringrrots Break
  • Harry's Entry In Hogwarts
    enter image description here
  • Room Of Requirements Sequence
    enter image description here
  • Battle Of Hogwarts
    enter image description here
  • Severus Snapes Memories Showdown
    enter image description here
  • Neville's Face Off With Voldemort
    enter image description here
    enter image description here
  • Final Dual between Harry & Voldemort
    enter image description here
    enter image description here

Watch Or Not
Harry Has Spent His Childhood And Life At Howgrats Infront Of You. You Have Witnessed Problems & Challenges He Has Faced In His Life Due To Dark Lord. You Also Know How Passionate He Is To Avenge His Parents Death. So You Shouldn't Miss The Way He Do It. Lets Accompany Him. Must Watch From My Side.

My Take
Having Said That We Spent Our Time On Watching Films We Ought To Have Some Expectations From Them. Being A Fan Expectations Rises Further. I Too Had Sky High Expectations From This Film Given The Way I Loved Whole Franchise. And I Am Very Happy To Say That My Expectations Were Fulfilled.
But I Think Makers Should Have Shown Life Of All Characters In Epilogue Post Wizarding War As Described In Novel.
Still I Was Satisfied. I Got Sad By The Fact That Franchise Ends With This film But Happy That It Ends On A High Note.

There Are Thousands Of Films Made On Good VS Evil But The Way Whole Franchise Is Carved And Way It Ended Its Hard To Find. As A Harry Potter Fanatic Its My All Time Favourite Film 10/10. As An Audience I Wouldn't Mind It To Give 9/10. As A Critic 8/10 Is Minimum What I Could Give It.

PS My First Review Ever. Mixed Feelings About It. Hope You Don't Hate It At least.

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Cha gaye paaji.......


thnx arvind


Well written.. And your review reflects your likeness for the movie and the series as a whole..


Thnx Anand. And Yeah Harry Potter Is Special For Me. Before 1 Year I Dont Even Want To See It But Once I Watched It No Single Month Has Gone When I Hadn't Watched Whole Series More Than Twice. I Might Had Watch HPDH2 Alone 35 Plus Time.

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I am going to write a short review of one of my All Time Favourites and perhaps The Most Intelligent Film ever made 'Fight Club', an adaptations of the novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk.

enter image description here

Story : Fight club is about The hypocrisy of society. Its my story, your story, our story, the common dilemma we all face.

  • Edward Norton(Narrator) is the guy who endures society, is the common, reputable citizen every society praises.

  • Brad Pitt(Tyler Durden) is the guy every society hates, cautions their children about.

And then what do you realize? These two contrasting characters are in fact the same guy!!! This struck as an intense illustration of the social decides that incorporate us. Both great and disastrous at the same time!

That's also the same reason why the movie is so delicious. After watching the movie you feel that you should also join a fight club. The only way to get out of your monotonous life would be a little smell of blood. Again irony, bcz we are going backwards on society.

Direction: David Fincher is obviously great film maker. You know how brilliant his skills are if not for a second could you anticipate the fact that Tyler Durden doesn't even exist. He created this world which I was drawn into immediately. Full marks to him.

Detailing : This is the part why I love this films sooooo much. You can check HERE how he plays with the viewers, by repeatedly dropping hints and with the subtleties is something amazing and mind-blowing.

Ratings : 9.99/10
Sadness is this film was also a flop on boxoffice. :(

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Thanks lucifer bro...


Awesome.......... +1





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   Mahatma Gandhi has said that ' Real India is based in villages ' !  Ha, agar Aapko real india dekhna ho to, Villages ghoomane ki jaroorat nahi, ek film dekho ' Swades - We The People '.
   Swades is not just a movie for me, it's a 'realisation'. Swades hits me where my heart hurts the most. A different feeling of patriotism. "My country, My India".
   Swades is about the conscience trauma of an Indian urging him to comeback and do something for his country. We see in the film what we see everyday. Gowarikar has captured something which perhaps no other Indian movie director has captured before and now. I.e " The real India ".  There are 2 most poignant scenes in the film, where we see a boy selling water for 25 paisa and other when Mohan Bhargav comes to India with his mineral water. He differentiated it in such a manner that it left long lasting impression on me. It's a difference between materialistic the 'We' Indians and the 'We' poor Bhartiyas. That is where, The " We, People " film really makes us feel like it's our film.
   And this is the answer to all Indians where Mohan Bhargav says,

I'm only speaking of things I've experienced while living here. And that is that we keep fighting among ourselves when we must fight against illiteracy, over-population & corruption. Everyday, in our streets & homes, each one of us keeps saying their is no future of this country. This country is on the path of destruction. If we keep saying this, we will one day actually land up there. You'll need to do something about this. You too! Not just the members of the Panchayat but everyone in the village. You're blaming Panchayat for your problems. But when you step into their shoes, you'll do the same thing. This applies to me too. The dalits blame the brahmins and brahmins claim that their piety is despoiled by the dalits. The blacksmith & potter blame the moneylender. The land owners blame the peasants, but they don't give them their rights. In what way are we great then? If we have problems in the village, we point our finger at the State and the State at someone else. We all are finding fault with each other! But the true fact is that we're all to be blamed. Because the problem is us. Me, you, all of us...

    It's about simple we who should do something for this lovely country. 

I have said before that it's not a film it's a realisation !!! So, no ratings.

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Pretty Unique Answer.. Thanx for answering..




very nice review of the finest Indian movie.....

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....dhoom2 - mah fav hrithik film...

when i saw dhoom2 my ideas about bwood underwent a metamorphosis.... resting on a simple plot i.e a cop after a highly elusive thief mr. a who is pragmatically uncatchable and executes thefts with phenomenal finesse and panache....d movie is all about one man - hrithik roshan ..... giving a performance of a lifetime ... :)

...d way hr played his character one really starts to believe that mr. A is the most prudent guy around and indeed catching him is one hardd nut to crack....abhishek and uday chopra were okk as cops ,and aish looked sexy and did well in acting departmentt...

...d action of the movie is d highlightt and d robberies executed by mr. A r very meticulous and crafty.... :)

...direction was extremely gripping and fast paced..... :) was never seen b4 experience 4 me to see a hero this much slick nd stylish...only hr can do that....:)

by Unit Manager (34.4k points)

Indeed. MR.A Rocks. Its movie that made me HR Fan followed by KMG.


...actually hr bcame heartthrob of d nation after khph it self....but hysteria mr A created was one of its kind....don , raj , prem , chulbul , rancho etc etc ek taraf....aur mr A ek taraf..... :)


Yah.. I also became a complete fan of Hrithik after Dhoom 2.. Before I was a fan but not die hard.. The character is indeed epic.. Nice review
And one more thing.. Edit the answer and write complete words instead of SMS language. . Wherever you have used for eg The nstead of d


...k i'll do itt soon.....thnx by d way... :)

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Movie- "THE DARK KNIGHT" from "The Batman Trilogy".

There must be 100s of superheroes and even more no. of movies based on them. In every movie ,we see two man equipped with special powers and with opposite principles fight against each other and the bad one losing. Marvels are filling their banks with the same routine. Then , Christopher Nolan, one of the greatest directors, had a different view to tell.

Plot and characters :-That view came in the form of "Joker", the best character in years. Then there was Heath Ledger who put his soul in the Joker. Never was a superhero tested in the way he did. A simple man who knew the dark realities of mind and world better than anyone just started showing Gotham the mirror. He played with minds. Never had I loved a villain as much. But then we had the best man (read Batman) to deal him. A man risen out of fears and darkness which makes him impeccable.

Acting and direction :- I still wait for a villainous act even half as good as Joker. Heath Ledger lived it. Christian Bale was as good as any superhero could be. It would be tough for other actors to fill in his shoes in next batman movie. Michael Caine was great . Other actors were also great and completed the film.

Direction and other aspects :- I have already praised Nolan a lot in my life and now I am short of words. Dialogues were as good as they can be. Each line of joker was epic. Screenplay was also perfect. Hans zimmer nailed it in music . Regarding technical aspect , they were great.

My views :-Overall , the Dark Knight is the best superhero movie ever followed by The dark knight rises and Batman begins. A trilogy which changed my perception of superheroes. The 3 movies connected to me unlike other superhero movies. There lies the difference between this trilogy and other movies. Nolan treated us with the best hero+villain combination which are incomplete without each other.

Ratings - "Why so serious ?" as it will be 5/5.

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....hans zimmer provided an epic soundtrack is easily d best film of this century...nice review....:)


Dark Knight Trilogy is indeed different..much different from other Superhero films..
Excellent Review..

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I saw this post long ago and wasn't really interested in participating as it will take more than 6th July to decide my favourite film, though I thought about writing a review of My Name Is Khan. But just I have just seen a film and decided to write something about it here. It's not really my favourite film, nor I think it deserves 10/10 in my rating. But there is something in this film that whenever it comes on tv, I can't stop watching it. So here is my short review of the very much controversial film for the users here, it's,
Yup, Billu.

Billu, the film earlier named as 'Billu Barber', but due to some controversies, the title became Billu. Anyways Billu is a Bollywood remake of Malayalam movie Katha Parayumpol. Usually the remakes are always considered to be can't be as good as it's original. But I'm sure I can't like it's original as much as Billu, the reason is apart from starring SRK, it shows the real life of a Superstar quite brilliantly. It was a treat to watch SRK as SRK in the film (though his name was Sahil Khan, he had been shown as big as SRK in his real life). the other reason is that it features Irfan Khan too (in lead) and it's great to watch two outstanding actors playing together in a film, though they hardly appeared for one minute in the same frame. And other reason is that I don't think any other actor can give that last speech as emotionally as SRK. It force your tears to come out from your eyes. and a fact that I can't see any other actor in that scene. Well apart from these, there are many other reasons for me to like this film to the core.

The Pluses-
1. Awesome acting performances by Irfan Khan & Shah Rukh Khan: Well, when you have two top class actor in one film, you can expect some great acting performances. That's exactly what happened in Billu. Though SRK's role was nothing hard to play, but it was indeed a tough call to play his own character in a film. Srk did that brilliantly. Now come to Irfan, he is the soul of this movie. His performance makes you feel every emotion, he is an outstanding performer and he played his role in the same way.
2. The cast: The cast was indeed a plus point of this film. Apart from Irfan and Srk, there are other actors likes of Om Puri and Rajpal Yadav etc, they makes the film worth watching. Each and every character performed well.
3. Some of the scenes are very touchy, like the whole sequence of the song 'Ab Sare Bandhan Todke' featuring Irfan Khan was just awesome.
4. The climax: Right from that speech of Srk, the climax is the heart and soul of the movie. I consider that speech of Srk as one of his best scenes. His emotions and expressions in the scene is just unmatchable for any other actor.
5. The songs: Some songs would make you dance like Love Mera Hit or Marjaani, some might give you some tears like Ab Sare Bandhan Todke, some are soulful and beautiful like Khudaya Khair, and then there is Billu Bhayankar. Well, the songs are indeed a plus point of this film.

The only minus I can find is that it is bit stretched and screenplay gets slow sometimes.

The reason I love the film is the concept and story. Of course the praise goes to the original film writer, but my praises for Priyadarshan to direct such a meaningful film such beautifully. My praise for the producers (Red Chillies Ent.) to decide to produce this film which is far away from typical Bollywood entertainers and which had all the chance to get rejected by Bollywood audiences. The dialogues by Manisha Korde was indeed brilliant. specially the speech was...well I already praised the speech a lot.
Moving on, film has many flaws and there is no wonder why the film was rejected by audience. But some films are made for a lifetime, not just for the release time. Billu isn't a perfect film, but the bond of friendship shown in the film and the way it was presented, it was indeed worth watching for me. I wouldn't be surprise if some didn't like the film, as it's still an ordinary film..But as the theme goes, Its Special To Be Ordinary.

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Well plus 1 for whatever u wrote.


Sorry. clicked the Answer button mistakenly.


Good Review.. Haven't seen Billu.. Till now.. So,Can't comment more

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enter image description here
Kal Ho na ho - Story of a lifetime... In a heartbeat

First of all I wasn't interested in writing this review. Why? Because I knew I wouldn't be able to do justice to this movie.
Second. Why I choose this movie? I agree there might be several better movies, infact even there's Swades, Chak de India and My Name Is Khan in srk's filmography itself. But this movie remains to be the closest to my heart, being ultra special for me.

I'm going to write a very short review.

This is a story of Unconditional love and emotional empathy. Naina (Preity Zinta) is the narrator of story. Her father committed suicide and her family had many problems. Her life was dull serious, until Aman(Shahrukh Khan) arrived in her life and awakes her soul. He changes her
perspective towards life and touches her heart (Ours too!). Quite natural she falls in love with her. But sadly he was suffering from a critical disease,despite loving her from the bottom of his heart, he pretends to be married (to his doctor). Rohit(Saif Ali Khan) and Naina are best friends.Rohit loved her. Aman acts as the matchmaker for Rohit and Naina, and finally results in getting them married.Eventually,at the end Srk dies and Naina-Rohit realize the truth. He succeeded in bringing true love to her life. Such unconditional love srk shows makes this very special for me!

Performances are brilliant. Songs are awesome, especially the title song. Direction, Screenplay, story are fantastic.
The diary scene stands out! True love is defined, Shah Rukh Khan's top-notch performance are the positives.

Though the movie is quite predictable, it remains quite fresh every time I watch it. As told by my parents I liked this film very much even When I was immature kid. They told me that I demanded even a Dvd of it and used to watch it quite often (Ofcourse I watched it in theatre). Even now I watch it whenever I have time, such is the connection towards the film! A true bollywood gem! Made me cry several times.

The film is beyond ratings for me. Sorry I can't rate it, because it taught me what truly is love and yeah, 'Aaj, aaj ek hasi aur baant lo. Aaj ek dua aur maang lo, aaj ek ansoon aur pee lo.Aaj ek zindagi aur jee lo.Aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo ...aaj ... kya pata, Kal ho naa ho!'

by Executive Producer (66.2k points)

@Pallav make the winner list of Dil dhadakne do..




Thanx mate..

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enter image description here

There are countless comedy entertainers but this is truly epic.................which offers you unlimited laughs and entertainment.

Kasthuri Krishnamurthy(Rajendra Prasad) is a son of a rich industrialist Kasthuri Satya Narayana (Nuthana prasad).Satyanarayana doesn't believe in the concept of love marraiges because of some bitter experiences in his personal life.But he comes to know that his son is already in love with a girl named Padma (Rajani). He enquires about Padma’s background and comes to know that she is the daughter of Lakshmipathi (Kota Srinivasa Rao) a craziest miser from a village named Venkatapuram.We have seen many misers but Lakshmipathi is such a crazy miser that he doesn’t like to spend even a single penny from his pocket- even for the most essential stuff.Satyanarayana denies his sons love interest and warns Krishnamurthy saying that he cannot marry Padma because Lakshmipathi must have sent her just to get hold of the property they have. But Krishnamurthy challenges his father saying he will convince Laksmipathy for the marriage and get him to good books- without having the image of a guy from rich family.
Here comes the Aragundu(Brahmanandam) servant of lakshmipathy who struggles with the miserliness of boss(Lakshmipathy).
Rest of the film is Krishnamurthy convinces his uncle the crazy miser Laskhmipathy.

This film focuses on the unique concept of miserliness. Healthy comedy,situational songs and simple emotions which makes audiences feel connected.

1.Unique story line.
2.Gripping screenplay.
3.Performances of lead characters.

*Climax is little stretched.

My Rating-4.5/5.

1.Krishnamurthy teaching more miser tricks to lakshimipathy...
enter image description here

2.Lakshmipathy teaches the importance of paper lungi......
enter image description here
3.lakshmipathy B-I-L mentally upsets after looking at his launch...(lakshmipathy eats plain rice by looking at the chicken(hen actually))
enter image description here

5.All India misers association song...
enter image description here

6.Every scene of brahmi with lakshmipathy...
enter image description here

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here is the youtube link ...but its not available with english sub titles...though you can feel the essence of the film.


Haven't seen the movie..will try to watch it
Nevertheless Very Good Review


its the debut movie of Brahmanandam and its also considered as the best comedy entertainer ever...

i think u understands telugu...just watch it i promise u will definately love it....

and its directed by Jandyala he is rajamouli of comedy entertainers.


Yes,I understand Telugu...enough to know the essence but there are several words which I can't understand...
I will watch the film for sure when I get time.

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enter image description here



One of the greatest film ever made, groundbreaking, awe inspiring, scary and simply fantastic film, this a a movie everyone has to experience


John Hammond a billionarehave opened a theme park with genetically cloned dinosaurs, but to open it for public he will need approval of experts, so he invites Dr Alan Grant (palentologist), Dr Elli Sattler (paleobotanist) and Dr Ian Malcom (a mathematician)to endorse his park, now due to some reasons dinosaurs escapes and are creating havoc on island, what happens next and how our protagonists deal with the situation forms the rest of story

This film also deal with the theme of man vs nature, ethics of cloning and illusion of control, how science is used, as wonder, to help others, or as a mode of financial gains


This is one of few films in which every character is meaningful have some contribution towards story and almost all characters are given some memorable scene or dialougues, no one seems to be a filler

All the cast members did terrefic job, Sm Neil, Laura Dern, Richard Attenborough and all others were all great and child artists too were fantastic, evoking perfect responces of Wonder, awe and horror, needless to say but children are big part of story and whether it's Wayne Knight as Dennis Nedry or Samuel Jackson as Ray Arnold, BD wong as Henry woo whose conversation with Hammond and Malcom pretty much defines the theme of film and Bob Peck as Robert muldoon all were fantastic, however,
Jeff Goldblum steels the show as cool and charasmatic mathamatician who was also the first one to warn Hammond about consequences of recreating dinosaurs


The real stars of movie, all of them are show stealers.


Real hero of movie, King of dinos, scary, powerful and majestic with an iconic roar

scary, intelligent, stuffs of nightmare, and as Robert Muldoon would say "CLEVER GIRL"


Who can forget this little but deadly dino who made sure that Dennis Nedry gets what hie deserves

and special mention towards brachiosaur,

the first ever dinosaur we saw on big screen

and sick tricerotops,
i wish he would have recovered and remained healthy.......

The combination of animatronics and computer graphics made them most realistic looking dinosaurs ever on screen


Steven Spielberg showed why he is a genius, Making genuine monster movies which can evoke sense of awe and scare at the same time are rare and difficult to make but spielberg made it possible, from the first scene he keeps us glued to our screens, from plot buildup to subtle teases and the grand reveal, he did a terrific job, the scene of trex escape is perfect mixture of suspence, horror and thev way it's shot is remarkable, first we hear earth shake when it approach, then we see ripples in water, goat dissapears, head of trex through vegetation and finally in all it's glory, T-REX arrives with iconic roar. This whole scene is pefect, the tension, the buildup, the horror and then the follow-up which includes death of a lawyer on a toilet, this scene describes genius of spielberg, plus the setting of this scene in rain makes it even more scary, not only this scene but also the chase of trex, Raptors in kitchen, Ending sequence and the big first reveal of Brachiosaurus are all perfectly fine and rightfully became iconic.


What can i say, the effects of this film were groundbreaking at that time and still holds up, dinosaurs are realistic and still looks as most realistic looking dinosaurs on screen, kudos to spielberg for using animatronics for this film and with mixing them with computor graphics, the results are glorious


John Williams composes one of the best musical score even in cinematic history, from the scene in which our protagonists arrive in helicopter to the music when we see our first dinosaur on screen,music compliments the flm very well and build the sence of wonder, awe, tension, horror perfectly, the iconic jurassic park theme is great and one of the best in cinema history


Jurassic Park is an absolute masterclass, it's a sci fi, creature feature, adventure, survival and horror, it have humor, wonder, emotion, action, drama and Groundbreaking use of technology to bring back some of most magnificent creatures to ever walk on this planet, it also raises the issues of man vs nature and issues related to cloning and uses of science and knowledge, all in all its a complete package and one of the most influential film ever made, Groundbreaking Landmark cinema
Any sort of ratings are less to describe this masterpiece which made my childhood memorable, i wish i could have been able to see this film in theaters when it originally released, to experience it and to experience the momemts and watching dinosaurs first time in cinema hall, this movie isn't just a movie, it's an experience, this film is something i recommend to each and every single movie lover, not to just watch it but to experience it's wonder, it's horror, it's greatness and i want to finish my review with one of the most iconic lines of one of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history.



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Nice Review... I liked the film a lot as a kid...It was one of my fav films then...Thanx for answering.


Thanx.. :)

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