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Will There Be A Clash Between Dilwale And Bajirao Mastani In December 2015? - BOI Answers

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Q. Will there be a clash between Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani in December 2015?

Ans. It is a long time away but it seems to be heading for a semi clash and not outright clash. Bajirao Mastani will not be coming on Christmas but most likely a week earlier on December 18. The clash will be in the second week of Bajirao Mastani if both films stay on schedule. It's like Chennai Express v Once A Upon A Time In Mumbai Returns Clash.



Q. Why in Worldwide gross do you add India gross to Overseas Nett?

Ans. The Overseas figures are gross so India gross has to be added to them. Only if Overseas was nett then India nett can be added.

Kabirul Islam


Q. Why is there a difference in your commentary when Piku and Tanu Weds Manu Return both have similar jumps in weekend, Piku is a success while Tanu Weds Manu returns is a blockbuster success?

Ans. Its more about where you jump. Piku jumped in cities where it always had a a chance to show big jump and where films normally show growth. Tanu Weds Manu Returns jumped in cities where films do not normally show huge growth. The jump may have been the same but Tanu Weds Manu pushed its reach on day two which meant a very big grosser. Only with reach you can get true appreciation and a big number, in another words go outside the target audience which very few films do and that is difference between normal hit and Blockbuster hit.

K. Najut


Q. Bombay Velvet is being looked at as Anurag Kashyap's Mera Naam Joker, can he comeback like a Raj Kapoor did?

Ans. Raj Kapoor was an established director with blockbusters behind him. Here the story is different as the director is yet to establish himself and comparing with a Raj Kapoor is ridiculous. You only comeback if you have hits and then flop here this is not the case but a line of flops. 

S. Mitra

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Budget of BM is 100+ cr. For recovery it wud need 150 cr from India and 70 cr from overseas which is almost impossible if it clashes against Dilwale. There is no way it's distributors are going to take this risk especially when their lead actor is Ranveer and the opponent is SRK.

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Then it's confirmed dat BM won't clash wid Dilwale. At dis budget, BM's distributors can't dare to clash against d smallest of films, forget Dilwale.


i dont think bajirao mastani will release this year...that ends here ....


@grand nova, are you being sarcastic? No way budget is 150cr+. SLB wont be that stupid.


ye sirf production cost hai.... print release aur promotion cost alag hai... aur ranveer singh ki fees bhe included nahe is mein..... 200cr tak bhe budget ja sakta hai is ka.... remember jab ram leela i thi??? it was it was 4th costliest movie ever.... behind, CE , krrish 3....

to give you the idea of how big bajirao mastani is .... ranveer singh said in an interview.... bajirao mastani is so big that ram leela looks like a promo in front of it.

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Bajirao Mastani needs to have finest movie to sustain screens in second week.......Suhas i need to ask can i see TWMR without seeing its first part.I havent seen part 1

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It would be even more fun if you have seen the 1st part because the story is a continuation from part 1 & the major scenes would be even more enjoyable if you knew the characters from the part 1.

I mean just knowing the story of part 1 & directly watching part 2 might still entertain you & you might find the scenes funny / enjoyable but it would even more fun if you know the characters well.

Rate the movie Constantine out of 5.

thanks...Now i will have to download part 1 first and then go to cinema

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Who have dare to clash with DILWALE...... i mean to say... " NOT POSSIBLE ".

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This SLB Always Try To Get Hype From KING KHAN...Saawariya, Ramleela (After Getting A Successful Hype SLB Pushed it)

by Mega Star (230k points)


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