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Guys I won't get Maths in 2nd year...i liked it the most...I am getting Phy Chem...Guys I don't want to do B.Sc but since I have to pursue my career in MBA my brother says complete your graduation...i feel like crying..i have disappointed my parents.I don't know mjhe karna kya hain
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Tell them that u have join the forum.


hahahah Baazigar......epic logic :D

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This is nothing ..this is going to be my fourth year in MBA Cause I dont write semesters whose exams starts in the morning ..9 baje subah subah uthkar kaun exam likhta hai?

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Bhai tu sach bol raha hai ya aise hi maskara kara?


Nahin sahin bolta hoon ..2nd and 4th semester pending hai ..1st and 3rd clear hai ...intezaar karaha hoon ke yeh semesterw kab afternoon mein ayenge.


LOL how many years you've wasted your precious time

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Life is like a game,you fall down,you climb again whether tomorrow or day after,whether this route or some other route, that's how i treated it always, and if you treat it that way,believe me you won't regret it. And i've seen far far worse situations than you..

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If it was a fb status...I would liked it


I appreciate your gesture.

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...thing is just go with the flow....!! dont listen to sad music.... stay entertained ..keep with friends as much as you can.... dont get isolated..... you'll be just fine ...just dont become slave of your situations ... use your mind....
bottom line..... Mind Bondage is Worst Slavery.

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good one.....................

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Feel like...................U are a Retard that U are wasting your precious time here.A Crime.

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keep pepsi.IPL....

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This forum is a "panauti" place, leave it

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It's not end of the world. Okay? Even, I got one supplementary in math in 2nd semester of my diploma. But, cleared it in next semester. That's it. Why so much stress and tension??

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Bro problem....I came here to study Maths as I like it....My Combo was PCM in 1st year....i won't get Maths in 2nd year...I have to study Phy and Chem and most probably have to majors in Chem

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Dont be Sad.KT lagna badi baat nahi he...But from next time atleast start studying 1 week before exam..KT to pakka nahi lagegi.

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KT as if chai?


Pura Sem Ni padha.....Exams main World Cup dkh rha tah


Atkt means Carry forward; He has to give exam of failed subject in next sem along with that sem's papers....
Atkt=Allow to keep Term


Lol so atkt means backlogs,

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Mujhe Block Krne Vale Kabhi Successful Nhi Hote :D

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How you feel when thinking about this past event now? It don't have any impact now.

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