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Note: Komal Nahta's Film Information doesn't really use All Time Blockbuster, Blockbuster verdicts... They follow the age old verdicts i.e. CLASS AA, CLASS A1, CLASS BB, CLASS B1, CLASS B, Flops which will be clearly explained below.

So, the Super Hit, Hit, Semi Hit mentioned here are not same as the Super Hit, Hit, Semi Hits mentioned in BOI & several other similar sites. According to Film Informationmagazine a Semi Hit film is one which earns twice it's cost. In case of BOI,, other popular trade tracking sites as well as "producer's" figures following sites, a film thatearns twice it's cost is called as HIT film.


SUPER-HIT -- CLASS ‘AA' (films which earn three times their cost or more that in the box office)

HIT -- CLASS ‘A1’ (films which earn more than twice their cost, but less than three times their cost)

SEMI-HIT -- CLASS ‘A’ (films which earn twice their cost)

OVERFLOW -- CLASS ‘BB’ (films which earn more than 125% of their investment)

COMMISSION EARNERS -- CLASS ‘B1’ (films which cover at least 20% over and above their investment)

AVERAGE -- CLASS ‘B’ (films that earned back their investment)

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It seems, Pic delete ho gayi hain.. Re-upload karo na bhai..


Bhai pictures phir se upload karo.. Kuch nahi dikh raha hain

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Interesting...Seeing MNIK in B1 is looking bit shocking.Budget of 30 crores and Collections 72 crores

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Movie was sold to Fox Star but in overseas it was shown as film of Fox Searchlight which is a holding company of fox star.Even i saw it when watching in cinema.Makers would have recovered from overseas as well


Na overseas wouldn't be considered in this case. Because MNIK did 72cr domestically & everything else it earned was in overseas. This B1 classification is only based on domestic business. Verdicts are always based on domestic business alone.


i am not considering in this case but overall


MNIK is an ATBB overseas... The scenario totally changes if you consider that. But to get the actual picture then you must take domestic business alone... It's what followed worldwide.

Fox star along with other sub-ordinate distributors in respective countries might've seen profit but once into overseas, it's totally considered as 'distribution'. More cost went into domestic distribution where the recovery wasn't too good. In case of overseas, the producers won't get much of the theatrical share because most of it will go directly to the distributors (main & individual, both). The distributor share ratios are totally different for domestic & overseas.

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Komal Nahta's Film Information Magazine??... whatever if someone offer him money he'll change the verdicts of films

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100% no... Infact he's way too strict in giving verdicts. Film Information Magazine has saved it's reputation for decades now.

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Well agree with these classifications mostly. BOI has made verdicts way too lineant over years which sadly pushed Komal to join league since 2011 or 2012 mostly.

Among Khan films If I had to give verdicts, mine will be
Ghajini : Blockbuster
RNBJ : Blockbuster
Dabangg : Blockbuster
My Name Is Khan : Average
Veer : Flop/Disaster
Ek Tha Tiger : Blockbuster
Dabangg 2 : Super Hit
Jab Tak Hai Jaan : Hit
Talaash : Semi Hit

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Jthj won't be hit bhai Sahab it will be semi hit max


Ohh Really for what reason. It covered all its cost from Domestic Share itself

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Bhai, pictures re upload kar sakte ho kya?

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