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16 Years of Aamir Khan's Sarfarosh & 11 Years of Shah Rukh Khan's Main Hoon Na. Both the films released on April 30th.

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Sarfarosh (1999) Official Trailer

Main Hoon Na (2004) Official Trailer


11 Years of Main Hoon Na Celebration...


One of the Best entry scene of Shah Rukh Khan


One of the Best Scene of Sarfarosh


Jo Haal Dil Ka

Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha


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The former is the best cop movie and the latter is one of the most entertaining movies in the last decade.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Only Good Movie By Farah Khan...2-3 Days Back I Saw it

by Mega Star (230k points)

sir plz check your pm
kaisa laga?
plz reply soon
i m waiting

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sarfarosh a cult classic movie .one of best hindi movies of 90's .
no matter how many times you watch this film you will never get bored.
what is main hoon na just another masala infront of classic sarfarosh?

by Camera Operator (11.9k points)

don't count remake here.. anyway I'm not sure about the collection of both the movies but MHN collected around 30cr and Sarfarosh around 12cr pro figure if I'm not wrong. so if Sarfarosh is hit then how MHN isn't?


bhai i already said mhn is hit.
i have seen verdict on old and new both.
i m arguing on its superhit or bb status.


I meant if a 30cr film isn't super hit and 12cr film is hit, then what is the difference between super hit and hit. I know there might be some budget issue but MHN wasn't any big budget project either.


either Sarfarosh is semi hit or average or MHN is super hit.


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