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Modi government planning LION to be the National animal replacing TIGER!! Your opinion and views about this decision??

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in General by Unit Manager (32.2k points)

My both middle fingers stands tall for this....!



What idiocy!

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Is it bring any kind of better change? and the answer is no they should focus on important issues rather than this.

by Assistant Director (52.7k points)
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Well, Lion was the national Animal of India before 1972.
Indira Gandhi launched a mission & took a decision of making Tiger as national Animal in 1973.
Reason for Indira Gandhi's decision- Lion were seen in only Gir forests but tiger were all over India.
Now, I think there is some cultural & philosophical politics by PM Modi.
He will take decisions that will oppose Gandi-Nehru ( Congress ) philosophy.
And, also The Lion as seen more in Gujrat he will find path to increase the number of them.
He will give a evident of Sarnath amblem & the popular Indian mythological history of lions in Hindu culture.
So, no surprise & people should not care of this change.

by Assistant Director (53.1k points)

They want Tiger to be removed (whoever has appealed) is only because they want approval to start industries in all those land that is declared as tiger reserves. Like you said, Lion is only seen at one place i.e. Gir Forest that too Gujarat which clearly means those opportunists are eyeing on all the available land for real estate sake.

Tiger being selected as national animal was mainly to help the worldwide cause of saving tigers from getting extinct. Even today after Taj Mahal, Tigers are the main attraction of tourists in India.

And it's not in the hands of Modi to decide but the Indian Board of Wildlife to decide that. The bad scenario is the committee that reviews & proposes this appeal has been filled by Gujaratis or to say supporters of Modi. That's why when this appeal was rejected without any thought in all the past years, this time a committee has considered it enough to propose it to the Govt.

India is not just Gujarat. There is a limit for every stupidity. They've been elected to give a good government dealing with actual problems. Is Gir alone the revenue generator in case of wildlife reserves to name Lion? It's due to the Tigers they're getting majority of their revenue.

All thanks to this government, they've succeeded in separating kids by making all muslim kids uniform as green, hindu kids saffron, christian kids white.


@suhas do u think it's related to Gujarat and Gujarati??


@lucifer ... It's only related to those illegal ways of doing real estate business to mint money by letting all the Tigers get extinct... This Gujarat stuff is only to please Modi so that he can please his vote bank.. It's completely secondary so that all other concentrate & fight on this Gujarat/Gujarati thing making it vote bank issue instead of letting people know about the actual issue behind. They're still not done robbing people's lands, now they want to rob endangered wildlife's too.


if not people wildlife should be protected

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