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Plusses - 

1. Jason Statham's best & badass entry. I mean it's the most badass entry of recent times for Jason.

2. Jason Statham vs Dwayne The Rock Johnson

3. Tony Jaa vs Paul Walker

4. The chase sequence that involves Paul Walker surviving by running above the bus before it falls off from the cliff.

5. Michelle Rodriguez vs a bunch of ladies in Abu Dhabi

6. The 3 building jump in Abu Dhabi

7. Vin Diesel vs Jason Statham final one on one.

8. The Rock comes back.

9. The entire montage dedicated to Paul Walker, in fact the entire climax is just for him alone.

10. Oh yeah, Kurt Russell.


Minusses -

1. Only style no substance

2. Jason Statham after such a badass entry, doesn't really remain that badass opposite Dwayne Johnson as well as Vin Diesel.

3. Tony Jaa is under utilized heavily. I mean he gets his *** handed over by Paul Walker, the audience were bound to take Paul's side but it's Tony Jaa & he has a reputation to keep.

4. The 3D was uncomfortable. Sure the whole movie is converted to 3D but for a movie 2hrs 17mins long, it does become tedious especially when most of the action / chase sequences take place in the night.

5. Lucas Black reprising his role from Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, could've been used more than a cameo.


My Rating - 3/5


Final Word - It was about time.


Take Home - This year so far only Shankar's I had gone housefull & it was fun to watch among the sold out crowd. After I, it was Furious 7 which went housefull. Boys kept screaming, shouting, clapping, whistling throughout the film. Every character got loudest of cheer of their career except for Tony Jaa & it seemed like as if audience didn't even recognize the Ong-Bak star.

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Agree with you word to word....
Movie has super entertainment value and the way they ended Paul's character is Superb and simply heart Touching...
I wish we could have make half of such in Bollywood....
After all we get is Bang Bang D3 like stuff...
Bang bang had the beat chance but missed completely....
Lets hope for Better future in Stylish action Thriller in Bollywood....
I will Rate 3.5 (.25 extra for Paul)

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Its the same thing over n over again.... An extremely badass villain, out of league of Vin diesel and team they defeat him somehow and in the next movie the same thing happens all over again.....!! It's tiring

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Well for Paul it's not tiring at all...

Jason Statham's entry is simply superb. He's shown so powerful but his later encounters with Rock or Diesel, he gets beaten more than he beats. But well the film is set for part 8 so no issues.

The film is filled with back to back whistle moments which will make audience forget that there isn't much in the story.

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Am watching it this weekend.Damn excited to see a FF series movie for first time in theatre.Should be awesome!

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