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Its my favourite franchise of Hollywood.Saw Fast 5 and Fast 6 both in cinema.This time as vengeance hits home so this time bigger and better with IMAX

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I am planning to watch it on Sunday but depends on friends as I like watching movies with friends not alone.
And F&F is a big franchise in India and on top of that Mysore is class oriented circuit so sold out shows is not much surprise.

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You are planning to watch a movie alone? I haven't done that many times , I think just 9-10 times I watched a movie alone without any friends .

by Star (151k points)

I am doing that since 2007... Ofcourse I do watch films with friends, but since 2012 I've watched more movies alone than with friends.

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Exciting and waiting for FF7...!

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)

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