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These predictions are not mine. I have searched for expected collections all over the net and finally made these estimates. USA Weekend is given in braces. All figures are in dollars. 1) Avengers - Age of Ultron- This is the sequel to hugely succesfull The Avengers which collected 1.5billion dollar worldwide. It is expected to thrash records. USA prediction - 600m$ ( 220m$ wknd ) Worldwide - 1.6-1.8 billion $. 2) Star Wars - The force awakens- This blockbuster series reboot releases during christmas. Earlier movies were record breaker in their time and same is expected from this. USA pred. - 500m$( 140m$ wknd) Worldwide - 1.4-1.5 billion $. 3) Fast and Furious 7 - Another big franchise which has hit its peak with last 2 movies. Its worldwide prospects are better than USA though it can overperform. USA pred. - 280m$ ( 120m$ wknd) Worldwide - 1- 1.2 billion. 4) The hunger games Mockingjay part 2 - The final chapter in this franchise is hugely awaited. The 1st two movies grossed 400m and this is expected to cross that. USA pred.- 470m$( 180m$ wknd) Worldwide - 1 billion. To be continued.... And you can post your predictions and give your views.
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i opened your question twice in two tabs .actually in more than two tabs.... at the same time.... within a second..... in first tabs i saw very minmal views i.e,. 1 views in the next tab im seeing 273 views....and views have changed within a micro second from 1 to 273 and i didn't refresh the page.... im seeing this from one tab to another ..... FAKE VIEWS on the site??


No fake views grandy ...I am promoting our posts on our viral post.


aik teer se 2 shikaar.... Charlie.... Ye lai aik gana dedicate karta hun tjhe..... Saaathiya ye tu nay kya kiya... Bailiye ye tu nay kya kiya


Actually that rahil's post has perfect keywords. If you type 007 and rogue nation shoot , then google is showing that on 1st page. And mentioning blenheim palace has helped further as palace name with 007 and rogue nation search opens that post at the top of google.

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i dont know the usual....

age of ultron > spectre > star wars> hunger games mockinng jay part 2 > jurassic world > furious 7 > mission improbable 5

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I will see the film's whose actress are the prettiest.


I will post the predictions of other biggies in next article as this was getting bigger.


Charlie then you should see hunger gamer 3 as jennifer lawrence is prettiest among the actresses in these big movies.


J-law mujhe bhi pasand hai bohot magr mein pehle wale hunget games nahin dekha.

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