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Would it not have better if films like Jai Ho and Baby had been sold at lower prices as trade may have been kinder to them? BOI Answers

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Q. You have mentioned clashes of Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan but have Akshay Kumar and Shahrukh Khan ever clashed at the box office?

Ans. There is Jaaneman v Don but as far as solo starrers are concerned, it was in 1997 with Yes Boss and Daava. The opening day collections were not that different but Yess Boss recorded a first week almost double of Daava as that film crashed out. In 2004 there was also Veer Zahra and Aitraaz.

A Alam


Q. It is being said that there is a big fall in price of satellite prices but how big is the fall?

Ans. Its huge a film looking at 10-12 crore this time last year is now beimg offered 2-3 crore. A film looking at 30-35 crore is down to around 12-15 crore.


Q. Would it not have better if films like Jai Ho and Baby had been sold at lower prices as trade may have been kinder to them?

Ans. This is all passe. Makers don't care about this. Example is Jai Ho. When you are getting over 100 crore for just theatrical rights and adding tv, music etc it will be 100 crore profit, you don't say i'll give it you for 50 crore as then it has more chances of being called a hit by the trade or media. Eventually these films would have done same business whether they fetched big prices or not. No one will refuse a big price unless they think its much less than what we can do at the box office.

A. Goyal


Q. Who is the number one heroine today?

Ans. Deepika Padukone

J. Mathur

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Quite happy with slashing down of satellite price as now filmmaker will make some good movies to recover from theatrical release i mean before making any kind of movie because they were getting good prices for satellite rights..especially those crappy and masala film wont be made from now because producer earns profit even if movie flops at boxoffice
btw if Jai Ho was sold at 100cr then i guess eros and sub distributor might have suffered huge losses.I hope Eros recovers with Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

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I did make a post as well as used this point in our lengthy arguments. Sohail Khan made huge profits. EROS too recovered most of their investment as they sold the film to sub distributors. 120cr was required for EROS to break even but 140cr was required for the sub distributors involved to be in the safe zone, which means EROS were much cleverer.

That's why they could still get films like Kochadaiiyaan & Lingaa (Rajinikanth), Kaththi (Vijay), 1:Nenokkadine & Aagadu (Mahesh Babu). Sadly the one big success Kaththi, they couldn't get more share as well as credit. Aagadu despite being a disaster didn't really burn their pockets. But the rest did. EROS, well they're filthy rich, they've the money & 10 more flops wouldn't get them bankrupt. That's why they're still dominant players opposite YRF & UTV.


I Sohail sold it for 100cr then even if 20cr were for overseas rights then Eros would have sold it to sub distributor for atleast 90cr to get ptofit of 10cr..Even if they would have sold few territories then also Sub Diatributor also would have lost atleast 40% of their investment.

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Actually satelltilte rights reduced for mostly akki films due to excess of films every year. And from now on Srk, Salman Bhai, Aamir and Hrithik films will get the most attractive price. Others will struggle unless the film is big hit.

by Producer (103k points)
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Yeah ..deepika is no. 1 ..hahaha where are u haters ? Kahan hai navo?

by Star (151k points)

he is busy in another forum barking about SRK........................


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