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What a comeback. Once a legend always a legend. And he still has 2 more movies left for the year. 
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Imagine if the movie was great, as good as KGF part 1 or Bahubali part 1. SRK can bring 1.5x the collections of what Pathan did minimum with a great movie.

Hope Jawaan is that good movie in level of KGF or Bahubali.

Anyways, nice to see you posting. It was on your KGF post that I replied nonsense and was blocked in this forum during KGF vs Zero.

Good old days...
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I was expecting 500cr max one month before release. Congratulations to u U teebee. 
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Thank You, Emraan Saab's Tiger 3 will also do well.
Yes.. But before that I have to witness his latest disaster selfieeee . Was giving solo disasters not enough that he now wants to give a multistarer disaster?
A small sacrifice for the bigger prize.
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We now know that SRK is still as big a force as he used to be. We just need a good Cinema from him. Personally, I didn't like Pathaan but I was one of the happiest guys for its success.

All hopes are in the upcoming two movies. If they are good, any levels of earnings would be possible for a SRK starrer. A 5-6 crores footfalls would mean 1000 crores gross in India alone.

P.S. forgot to state BOI here. They can't add regional language collections to prove a point that a Dangal or a Bahubali is different. It's yet to gross 1000 crores without Tamil/Telugu collections, but it will cross 1000 crores gross without regional version so BOI will keep stating that a Pathan won't travel like Dangal on every articles.
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I too watched pathaan. On appreciation level I rate partner and pathaan similar on first theatrical viewing. Likeable and watchable. I didn't had high expectations from both . Now after 15 years of partner, my ratings have decreased from watchable to "change the channel please
What I liked in Pathaan is the scale, swag, and the grandeur. Salman and SRK together makes it so pleasing. John is great. Performances are great.

There is no thrill that a spy story demands. Imagine how great it would be with a story and thrilling elements.

Yes, I agree. The movie is enjoyable in the level of partner. I don't think I can tolerate three viewings for Pathaan, except for some scenes.