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WOW SRK Said he will be Playing A 17yrs Boy In FAN . Thats the Main Reason Of FAN Postponed. See Example Of Chris Evans Of Captain Amercia Here

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Link of the pic - He is Chris Evans of Captain America . He looks like beefedup body in real life but in Captain Americs he looked like a very thin young boy. See the pic. SRK will also look the same. Get ready for surprise in FAN
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Shah Rukh is already dedh pasli.. or kitna dieting karega??

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Hmmm... What's with the obsession with playing 17 year old?

Ranbir Kapoor is playing a 17 year old in Jagga Jasoos. Shah Rukh is now will be playing a 17 year old in Fan.

  1. When they hyped about 'vfx' being the reason, now it's understandable.
  2. What they didn't tell the media is, they didn't want to have 2 films in the same year with their leading guy playing 17 year old on the screen. There was no way of releasing FAN for Christmas with Jagga Jasoos scheduled for November release. Fan makers would've failed to capitalize on this 17 year old character.

Now they'll get to use this 17 year old as the trump card in promoting the film. And why they're saying it's offbeat, well I strongly sense that this 17 year old character will have a meatier role & screen space than Srk the superstar.

And for the ones wondering why August date was postponed?

Salman Khan already has casted Nazeem Khan who is his lookalike to play the younger version of Salman Khan in the film Bajrangi Bhaijaan. So we'll have 1 character played by both Salman Khan & Nazeem Khan where Salman will play the older matured guy. FAN makers thought their USP mark of having 2 characters who look like each other, with one being the superstar & another one being the younger lookalike of the superstar, releasing in August would've lowered the impact due to the July release of Salman Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan as this one is for a larget audience not limiting itself as an offbeat cinema or to say almost an offbeat concept told in a commercial way.

YRF as well as Shah Rukh are an intelligent businessmen for a reason. Hope Srkians now understand why the change of release date felt so important for the makers.

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This news made my whole year...Can't wait for this classic....!!!

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Provide the Link.......??

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Which link ? Pic dik toh rahi hai na


@saransh check this link. He said in his next film he is playing 17 years old and I'll take some help to do it perhaps with the prosthetics, perhaps makeup perhaps VFX


@rizkhan I was asking fr d link where srk said dat he wud play a 17 yr old

@dilip can't watch videos on my mobile. Bt I believe u. Thnx fr d link

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Aamir without any photoshop or camera tricks.. He played and looked like student in 3 idiots

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There was lots of 'camera tricks' involved Kashyap. All the actors do it nowadays. That trend started 6-7 years ago itself although it did exist even before that.


'YtirucesnI' at its best......


@kashyup dudr go to google and type botox about aamir for 3 idiots. Kuch bi bolta hai jabki kuch nai pata hota


dude go to google and type botox for Shahrukh..... Kuch bi bolta hai jabki such sabhi ko pata hai.... Let's face it..... Hny couldn't cross 3 idiots lol...... Iss diwali todenge what was that?


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