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Are Aamir fans dissapointed that K3 FAILED TO BEAT CE record acc to BOI?THEY WERE SUPPORTING the film as if their fav star playing the superhero..

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And this is the actual reason everybody is bashing srk fans..Instead;if you asked hr fans disappointed then there will be no issue...Bhai jab aap ek ungli dusro pe uthate ho toh 4 ungli khud pe uthati hai......


haan toh apko g**d kyun jaal rahi hai...

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Some of the cheap hypocrite fans of other actors take support of each other against one and only SRK and SRK fans.But SRKians are Lions,they fight all other actors united fans by themselves.This can also be said by a Hindi bol.You know it.

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it means you all are animals (lions) except some intellegent real srk fans...

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If D3 wont cross ce then they will support jai ho knowing its south remake.jealous haters of srk.

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I Don't Think So.Aamir Fans Were Not Supporting K:3.But In This Forum,They Were Supporting K:3 To Impress Hritik Fans To Support Dhoom:3 Or Aamir And Use Hritikians To Against SRK Or Srkians.

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bhai mein isi forum ki baat kar raha hoon................


@Raj completely agree bro.


@G-One,Read My Full Answer.

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Dear SRK fans,
My Humble request to you that you should not create fights. Agar karoge toh Doosre log It ka Jawab Pathar se dega.

And btw you all know BOI is paid by Aamir.

And K3 is the Highest grosser with 246 Crore.

by Producer (103k points)
K3 is a big hit. Hr is my 2nd fav......Hr fans also admire Aamir except you
I admire Aamir. But What about this 8th wonder of the World. BOI figure Matching with YRF figures for 7 back to back days. Where were they in time of JTHJ, ETT, K3 & CE.
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Most srk fans logic:-Use producer figure for srk and use boi figure for other stars.ROFL

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What about Aamir fans? Aamir fans like Nolan, Kashyap said producer figures are fake and BOI is the most trusted site during CE... But, now they are himself following producer figures...Chameleon..


But main chameleons are srk

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Who told you Krrish 3 didnt beat CE.
It has already beaten CE lifetime.
Cheap Express records are long gone, you are living in dream world.

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