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Before 2020 Can any non Aamir Khan film cross the lifetime of Pk?

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I think it's impossible for any actor except Aamir.... Forget pk beating d3 is also very difficult!
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10 Answers

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With just one post you made every loser fan of "him" cry lmao.

by All Time best! (295k points)
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PK's worldwide record is safe for atleast 2 yrs .

by Cinematographer (91.3k points)
+5 votes

I'm noticing that you became over smart. Doesn't matter whatever the question is you will bring PK from nowhere. Okay let me say the fact Only an SRK or Salman starrer will cross PK, unless Aamir doesn't work with Hirani again (As he won't get Dhoom again anyway)

by Super-star (169k points) 1 flag

lol hope u got the answer hahhaaa

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SHAME on You...Aamir Khan is Such A Small Star Without Any Fan Base That He Need Good Content, RKH & Dhoom Franchise To Do Well...Without Them He Can't Cross d 100 Cr. Mark on d Other Hand SRK & Salman Are So Huge That They Don't Need Anything To Rock d Box-office That's d Reason They Are Ruling Since Day 1

by Mega Star (230k points)
Atleast Aamir has good content.... What does Shahrukh have?...... Farah Rohit? lol
Issdiwali todenge 3 idiots dilwale.... lol
Every second film of Salman is a remake... They dont need anything to rock the box office lol.... Still chasing 3 idiots.
Lord is always right..

Lord also can be wrong sometimes specially when you challenge Aamir khan ....

+1 vote

Salman Khan's PRDP;Shuddhi can cross......Otherwise No Movie can cross P.K.......SRK Rohit Shetty next can cross D3 with wom like Chennai Express

by Director (121k points)
+1 vote

Another aamir film which is as universally accepted. Or if srk does another cdi type film or works with hirani, big records could be broken. Srk's next with rohit is sounding huge but rohit shetty films don't have the universal appeal that hirani enjoys so I don't expect 300 cr there. Either aamir will break it himself or I feel one really good content based movie and srk could break everything set by PK.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....2yrs...till now safe... will see.. 3uyrs to go...

by Assistant Director (53.1k points)
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Well we only have to wait for Aamir next and the result is in front of everyone....
Before that Aamir gave entire 2 years to all Bollywood actor to break PK collection but what is the result -nil battey sannata...

by Star (156k points)
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iam really happy for the fact that every day you prove your mentality with such posts
and answers. you once again proved that your the biggest psycho of this site.
thanks for bieng the biggest attention seeker of the site!

by Camera Operator (10.7k points) 1 flag
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DHOOM 4 with SRK or Salman . If with SRK then overseas and worldwide also will be beaten . With Salman only domestic record can be beaten .

by Director (129k points)


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