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Day by Day breakdown of Pathaan from Taran and BOI can be found here

Pathaan continues to edge towards the 500 crore nett mark as it collected 1.25 crore nett apprx on its fourth Monday. The fourth week should see the film put up a 14 crore nett apprx total and despite a huge number already up on the board and with competition it will still be  among the top ten fourth weeks ever.

The 400 and 500 crore numbers are all good for headlines but the real victory is how far it has gone ahead of the other original Hindi films. The importance is that most of the other big ones came on festive periods which are best for business be it Xmas / New Year or Eid where the former can add 20-25% and the latter 10-15% for a good film of course. Sanju is an exception as it got 335 crore nett without a holiday.

Pathaan never had a holiday period but saw one big holiday which added around 10 crore extra to the film which is just 2%. It is that lethal combination of a big star, action and blockbuster songs and when these three things combine it has almost always been a victory for more than the last 50 years and then the content of the film decides how big the victory is. The collections of Pathaan (Hindi) till date are as follows.

Week One - 3,47,75,00,000 apprx (9 days)

Second Week - 90,25,00,000 apprx

Third Week - 44,65,00,000 apprx

Fourth Weekend - 10,65,00,000 apprx

Monday - 1,25,00,000 apprx

TOTAL -  4,93,35,00,000 apprx

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This is the BOI shit. If they state all language collections, several movies will top Pathaan, but it already crossed 500 crores. Bahubali 2, RRR, KGF 2 and Dangal being them. If they state Hindi only, it's getting difficult for Pathaan to get to 500 crores.

Now they write, Pathaan won't travel like Dangal on every article.

Achievements are achievements, what Dangal did on China is no less of an achievement. What Pathaan is doing is great achievement too.

They need to learn glorifying each and every records. If a Pathaan doesn't travel like Dangal, it's doing records everywhere else. And a Dangal doing great in China is great too. Similarly, Bahubali 2, KGF 2 and RRR records are also glory for Indian Cinema.

Hope boi learns or soon.
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I totally agree with u
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Yrf desperately trying to push it beyond 500crs . But the job is already done. Congratulations to all Jaan Ibrahim fans. 
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If they did not reduce ticket price it would have crossed 500 by Sunday.
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Sihan was right, everything was going well, Pathaan was all set to cross Baahubali 2.

And then this forum opened and now it'll only do 500 crs, maybe 505-508 range.

Band karo ye forum.
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Before Forum:

Pathaan Second week: 72% drop (First 7 days)

After Forum:

Pathaan Third Week: 49% Drop
Shehzada falls flat
AMATW3 down

It's doing better after the forum was brought back. STFU :")

Also: Chennai Express
Anyways all this is for to oversmartness of YRF of 110 tickets and all that, ek baar ke liye thik hai, doing it again and again is stupidity.
Footfalls supremacy Teebs. We have the upper-hand in NBOC, now need to squeeze the last drop of footfalls by the end of its run.

Also, YRF is at last in a position after a long while to flex their muscles. They were sending a message to others by slashing the rate, I think.
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It was a Blunder by YRF to slash tickets to low level.

Had it been on a weekend rate then it might have crossed 510 crore of Baahubali 2. Movie was anyhow crossing 500, target should have been BB2, Missed chance.
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