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Little introduction - 

After the bitter incident on the sets of Chalte Chalte, Salman Khan & Shah Rukh Khan had parted ways. Shah Rukh Khan was upset for Salman messing up in his production house project whereas Salman Khan was upset for Shah Rukh Khan not standing by him like a brother he was considered to be.

To take you back to 1998-1999, Salman Khan was literally upset with Blackbuck poaching case. It had been a downer for Salman & he was very worried. It was this time, Salman seeked out to the people who love him the most for emotional support. And not surprisingly Salman Khan reached out for Shah Rukh Khan. Their bonding had grown super strong at this time where Shah Rukh had become a brother to Salman just like Arbaaz & Sohail. That's the reason why those two were seen together, also doing roles in each other's films.... Due to this strong bond, Salman had never expected Shah Rukh to not be on his side & especially shatter his dreams of working with Aishwarya Rai in an epic love story, immortalizing his love for her on the big screen while they move forward in their relationship. Things didn't go as planned & to make things worse, Shah Rukh-Aishwarya played iconic Devdas & Paro in the epic novel adaptation. Salman Khan wanted everything to be about Salman-Ash but suddenly he was out of the picture while Shah Rukh stepped on his place.

Now this reflected quite frequently which ended up bad for their relationship due to the events that occured on the sets of Chalte Chalte.

December 9, 2004 at Hyatt Regency the sangeet ceremony of Farah Khan was organized. Everybody from the bollywood fraternity gave their attendance & so did Salman Khan - Shah Rukh Khan. They avoided each other for a long time until Salman Khan decided to set things straight. He went to Shah Rukh Khan & hugged him from behind. That was all it took for the friends, Shah Rukh responded affectionately.. apparently both were in tears for a bit & surprised everyone as they re-bonded.


After their ugly fight on 2008 at Katrina Kaif's birthday bash... It took 6 years for Salman Khan & Shah Rukh Khan to reconcile.

It was November 16, 2014 & like I said, it was the sangeet ceremony of Arpita Khan. It was once again the occassion of sangeet ceremony chosen by the Khans to forget their differences & be there for each other.

How long did you think people had to wait to witness them like this?


Note: The source is a copyrighted material & I am not allowed to re-use it entirely. I've just summarized the whole thing making sure not to copy it word by word. Many of the detailed writing has been totally omitted.

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Thnx for sharing it.I knew about both of them patching up at Farah Khan's wedding..btw Salman should have kept personal and professional seperate like he is doing now.SRK working with Aish should not have irked Salman.I mean if Salman stood by Shah during his bad time that doesnt mean Shah will hurt his career due to friendship.
Even in Katrina's birthday i heard it was Salman who started.Before that it was personal rivalry between them but after that when Salman said about failure of Paanchvi pass and it was more professional rivalry.
But still i think the way the way they bond even today i think there was never big thing between them.

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Well Salman did talk about Paanchvi Pass but in reply Srk went below the belt using abuses as well as Aishwarya Rai... That's what led to the fight which was stopped by Gauri Khan where she took Srk away while Aamir took Salman away. Later Aamir did go to Srk's house to clear the misunderstanding but that went in vain.

Srk should've made a professional remark/comeback at Salman instead making a very personal comment. Well, Srk was just being a hot headed Delhite & his temper always makes him lose control of his tongue. We saw that even in Wankhede. Hota hai.
Ha vo to he Shah ka Delhi ka launda he.but professional rivalry was only between Aamir and Shah but with Salman it was only normal fights which happened between friends..
Or Shah apne failure ke bare me nahi sun sakta.Thats why he slapped Shirish kunder.
Hmmm but Shah Rukh-Shirish slapgate happened only after Srk was totally cornered with media criticizing every small thing he did. He couldn't handle that pressure & with Shirish not knowing when to shut his mouth, saw the worse of Srk. It's very clear Shirish didn't stop at one tweet. Above that he had signed Salman's Kick, guess he was trying to win over Salman's confidence by targeting Srk. Little did he know, not just Srk but even Salman would keep him away. Salman stayed true to his words, he's not going to be okay with people badmouthing Srk for wrong intentions.

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