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Chance are high, Srk may win total 11/12 filmfare in lifetime, which will remain as record long time....................

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Raaes is more likely to fetch him an award I feel. He may overtake in numbers , but he will stay miles behind the legendary dilip saab.

by Mega Star (226k points)
first i m that person who even argue with people abt Imran Khan being better struggling leader than founder of Pakistan u can just imagine how much i hate this 'old is gold' concept

BUT, thing is that maybe Dilip Kumar was better......haven't seen him much so can't say anything about that but Dilip's dialogue delivery was clearly better than SRK n much better than Aamir........

regarding films, i was one of those people who used to say old actors were not good actors, old actors' overacted, old films had bad BGM n were torturous etc........but then i can say some films which changed my view about old films n old actors r Andaz1949(Raj Kapoor overacted a lot but Dilip Kumar was superb in first half but okay kind of in second half), Devdas1955 (Dilip Kumar was just too good except one scene which looked bad n that Chandramukhi playing actress was superb), Casablanca1942(just see how that actress romances with her eyes), Gold Rush1925 (always wonder how they shot those VFX demanding scenes), Lawrence Of Arabia(just see how they wrote those characters n shot that film, today i doubt if any actor/director can just repeat that thing)

Now, Karan Johar's one interview in 2012, where he talked a lot about films n he was just frustrated about people just not taking KANK in the right way as it starred biggest star n he sleeping with a girl hurted film cz audience perceive SRK as a family guy......Karan named some old bold film n termed 60s 70s as best n bold era when directors worked differently.....even Kaghaz K Phool has something bold i guess

n Yash Chopra made some film in 60s 70s about illegitimate children etc.....some horror/thriller film produced by his brother etc etc.......naming Lt.Yash's films cz they were big guns n having mehboob studios etc in their hands in 1960s they making different films was a good thing......just see how much ur big directors of today like Rajkumar r afraid of making a non-BO films.....small director Anurag Kashyap is saving grace for Bollywood

n one more thing, i read some interview of Dilip Kumar where he was given credit of introducing BODY LANGUAGE/USAGE for characters at greater level in Bollywood......n he used to do 2films a year.....he was the one who used to hear scripts n help directors like Yash Chopra to make even other characters of films better........whatever, all i know is Amitabh is overrated as a star after so many flops n bad phase plus he did many massy roles with same HEROism...... Dilip Kumar should be considered as STAR OF THE MILLENNIUM, this is what my research up till today says.......Dilip is untouchable as a star......if BOI is right n termed one film of his film as DILIP DELIVERED A STRAIGHT FLOP AFTER 15YEARS then believe me, that is something unbeatable if u look at how actors used to deliver flops in early decades

Note: we should do our research first at Dilip Kumar.....if u love Bollywood then Dilip is a must......i will try to see more films of Dilip sahib in coming days n that will help me more to comment on him being a BAAP of all actors or not :)
Media over hyped Amitabh first, next they will over hyped Hrithik for sure. After this generation they might show Hrithik bigger than khans that's what I think
Woaaah baadshah bhai ,true  dilip kumar fan spotted..
Sihan: this is what many people say about SRK that media-hyped him n he associated himself with channels like Zee well to get media attention...we r SRK fans so we don't agree with them n we know how he conducted himself as a star n achieved that status with hardwork.....same can be said by Amitabh fans that he is not overhyped....n one thing, Amitabh boycotted media n i think for 10years it doubt what Amitabh created was huge....but i think Dilip sahib was bigger than Amitabh as Amitabh failed a lot more

n if Hrithik will make bigger which he should have already, cz Hrithik is present n not future.....he is already 40years old i think n from 2008 his working pattern is of being a bigger actor than star......Mohenjadaro will release in 2016 n who knows what comes next n how much delayed that next film will Hrithik will remain with Khans' generation n not younger generation so Khans should fail themselves to make space for Hrithik as soon as possible......yup, Ranveer Ranbir have a chance to make it bigger after Khans cz of being too young

Charlie: haha.....thanku thanku :) .....abhi to PICTURES DEKHNA BAQI HAIN MERAY DOST
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Yes.SRK will definitely win it this time.Both Fan and Raees would be nominated for Best films too.

by Super-star (189k points)
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Even Fan would have been enough for it.

by Super-star (169k points)
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Big B has won filmfare only 4 times that too 2 times in recently for Black n Paa..
wasn't Big B a better/ bigger actor than srk... lol..

by Producer (118k points)
aray year py depend krta h k kaun saath tha Naseeruddin Shah gave one of his most beautiful performance in A Wednesday but Hrithik was clearly better in Jodha Akbar.......

wasn't Naseer a better/ bigger actor than Hrithik... lol..

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