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Rank these users according to your liking...navoarsenal, real champ, naya yug, kowsigan, tyler durden.

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in General by Producer (115k points)
Those who I know : Navo, then Naya Yug, then Real champ.
Naya Yug>>Navo>>Tyler Durden>>Kowsigan
@filman Thn rank my name here
Real Champ tops cz he is my partner.......from others Kowisgan is a very good user.....n Naya Yug showed revolution in his nature not just evolution n became a kind of non-biased n a good user

baqi Navo aur Tyler ko rate krna main apni toheen smjhta hn....waisay Tyler sometime gives funny answers so better than other guy

12 Answers

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Best answer

Real Champ=Kowsigan>Naya Yug>Tyler Durden>>>Navoarsenal

by Mega Star (230k points)
selected by
+3 votes

Real Champ(as my name is in the list,so i rank myself first...i am not god,allah aur bhagwan as i cann't make 9 Hits into 19 Hits....)>Naya Yug=Kowsigan>Tyler Durden>As Iamlostsoul said that garbage doesn't deserve in the list as he is an insult to the forum who is here to do garbage in this forum..........

by Director (123k points) 1 flag
+2 votes

Real champ > kowsigan> nayayug=tyler>>>> navo

by Assistant Director (57.6k points) 1 flag
edited by
+1 vote

Real Champ>Naya yug>Kowsigan=Tyler>Navo.Btw where is Lord Blanka!

by Super-star (189k points)
+1 vote

RealChamp>>tyler durden==kowsigan>>nayayug Navo doesnt derserve to be in the list actually he is an insult to this forum................

by Assistant Director (50.2k points)
You don't deserve to be on this planet.

Haha...agree @iamlostsoul...

+1 vote

arsenal > naya yug >tyler > kowsigan > naariyal champ

by Super-star (198k points)
+1 vote


by Cinematographer (91.3k points)
+1 vote

Navoarsenal > nayayug=realchamp..didnt interact much with other 2.

by Star (151k points)
+1 vote

Real Champ >NAVo>NAYA YUG = KOWSIGAN =Tyler

by Unit Manager (32.2k points)
+1 vote

rchamp>kowsigan>naya yug>tyler>navo............................

by Assistant Director (45.9k points)
0 votes

Navo=Naya yug>Kowsigan>Tyler>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rc......

by Star (156k points)
–4 votes

Navoarsenal(just love him,he is god,allah,bhagwan of the forum)>Tyler=Naya>Kowsigan>>>>Real Champ.

by All Time best! (295k points) 6 flags


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