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Mine are 1.e.t extra terrestrial,2.saving private ryan/schendler's list,3.jaws/artificial inteligens/catch me if you can,4.munich, horse/jurrasic park.
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U named 10..
Well i love these movies to much.

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1- Jaws
2- Catch me if you can
3- AI-Artificial Intelligence
4- ET-Extra Terrestrial
5- Jurassic Park Series
6- Lincoln
7- Close Encounters of 3rd kind

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Your fav of spielberg is jaws and thank you for mentioning the one of the most underrated film ever AI.
Speilberg is my 2nd favorite hollywood director after Scorsese.. I watched AI a few months ago.on the recomendation of a friend..Loved it... I haven't watched Munich,war horse and schender's list. ,
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  1. E.t
  2. Jaws
  3. Jurassic park
  4. Lincoln
  5. Munich...
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  1. Schindler's List.

  2. Saving Private Ryan.

  3. Munich.

  4. Catch Me If You Can.

  5. Empire of the Sun.

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