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CE Has Only 6 Open Days And 1200 Screens From 2nd. Week Still It Collects 63 Crore From 2nd. Week.It Means No Super Hero,Super Chor Could Not Beat With All Favours.

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Are you giving producers figure!! 63cr in 2nd week! Heighest/record is 56cr (3i)..1200screens!! It got 1600-1800 screens..


I Said,1st. Week-145(Including P.P.),From 2nd. Week To Lifetime,It Collect 63 Crore.From 2nd. Week It Collected In Just 1200 Screens And Screens Are Almost Reduced During Its 3rd. Week.

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I think pre diwali affected and by know means it is a underperformer how can a blockbuster be an underperformer its just that it suffered due to pre diwali but still did around business which only 2-3 films have surpassed till now...

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i m taliking about ce record.k3 is a big hit.every body knows.............

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Indicine user G.One,you used to follow Producer figures for so long.Now dont cry.Even yesterday,you said Ra one worldwide was 240cr and you even said 240cr is true figure.When i calculated 202cr+5cr regional=207cr,you havent answered me after that.....If i would have asked you JTHJ,Don2 figures,you would have said those 252cr,260cr figures also

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Krrish 3 will beat Chennai express by Thursday according to indicine. So CE record gone!

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main dusra hu..............indicine wala nahi.


He's Satyakam!


@gone-ohh satyakam,tu bhi to producer wala tha,....aur kal ko hi tune kaha ra one ka 240cr sach collection hai hahaha.....jab maine calculate karke 202+5cr regional bataya,tu bhaag gaya


@invisible-haha just checked his email id....satyakam4mandal lol.....mai soch raha tha ke satyakam ko to kafi pehle twitter pe maine bataya tha is forum ke baare me aaya kyu nahi,chalo aa gaya

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