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It showed growth on Sunday just because of WOM.
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Talaash also show huge growth on Sunday 18 cr from Saturday figure of 14 cr so you mean to say Talaash also benefited due to WOM...
Aamir movies always work with family audience and they always prefer to watch movies on Sunday or holidays...

by Star (156k points)
Family audience dont come for 'these type of movie' thats my only point.
hahah.....Navo will kill u for calling Aamir films working cz of family audience
0 what Aamir sir have very good reputation their and every actor is only successful when their fan base support them...
So what is wrong in that..
aray he is against that family support from what i know....main to grear Navo sir k problem bta rha tha.....even read his answer 'corporate sector' ....he will probably not write 'family support' cz it sounds uncool to him..thats it
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Multiplex oriented films of Aamir always show a huge growth,even talaash had near 45% higher sunday than friday.Its coz of corporate and working class people where Aamir's major base is unlike other two khans.

by All Time best! (295k points)
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Low friday was due to Aamir's fickel stardom n sunday was all due to hirani's magic......

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)
Hny 1st Friday due to big holiday while after that low collection due to piddi and low stardom of Srk...
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Yeah, specially on Friday .

by Director (129k points)

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