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K3 has failed to beat CE(208cr BOI).How many of you still believe that D3 will beat CE lifetime records?

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It havent failed to beat CE yet! Get your facts right man!


it will fail at the end of day most probably.................

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If K3 fails to beat CE(If). Then I will still believe D3 can cross CE lifetime as the craze is great and the release will be wide and its Aamir Khan whom we are talking about guys!

by Assistant Director (56.0k points)
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bro r u srk fan or aamir fan?

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I still believe that dhoom 3 not only break CE record ......... I believe dhoom 3 cross 250cr.................

by Assistant Director (57.0k points)
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k3 hasnt failed.....Its only in its 2nd week.....Yes chances are less but what if Ram Leela fails big time.....

by All Time best! (295k points)
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Lekin media me to har jagah yahi hoga na k3 beat CE bwahahaha......


nahi bhai yeh sirf roshan ,taran aur amod mehra jaise log milkar party karenge............


Difference Bodyguard- 9Cr, RaOne- Equal, ETT- 14Cr, CE- 19Cr, Krrish3- 50Cr+ in 11days! Krrish3 has broken all the records of manipulation


hahaha apne aap ko tasalli deta reh lol.....tu to indicine me kafi time se comment karta hai waha bhi yahi chapega kuch din me k3 breaks ce record lol

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It looks difficult for K3 to beat CE unless Ram Leela fail badly (which is highly impossible).
D3 might get to CE's record but the margin will be around 5 cr similar to what CE's margin to 3Idiots.

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I think it wont cross ce if movie fails to meet upto expectation..

by Super-star (161k points)


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